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Lazy Doesn’t Seem Like the Right Word

There are days when I turn down a lovely offer to socialize with my friends for the most random and useless of reasons. Tonight was no exception. My way of justifying it? I’m just darn lazy. Rather than indulge in sushi, I chose to return home, vacuum (hell is freezing over), complete a P90X workout (and Ab Ripper X which is a serious b*tch, but fantastic workout), and consume leftover curry.

Now here is the kicker, I love to exercise and participate in group activities. But when it comes to after work festivities, I have recently had a tendency to decline offers and select my uncomfortable couch instead. Yes, I was able to accomplish a good bit before 8pm, yet I feel awfully lazy about the state of affairs.  I know I’ll be out and about all weekend, but nights like this make me feel so indolent. Am I becoming a lazy bum?

In other news, my food chose to age gracefully overnight. It actually tasted great tonight. I’m wondering how wonderful the last serving will be tomorrow! Someday I’ll learn how to portion recipes properly for my single person household.

Now off to pack for my glamorous trip to New York City. I’m off to attend my cousin’s wedding and spend an outrageous weekend with one of my favorite people in the world. BeerLympics anyone? I’ll have to put P90X aside for another weekend, but I’m bringing my running shoes and hoping to get a short jaunt in.

Do tell: How do you fight the battle against laziness? And how are you going to spend this (hopefully) beautiful weekend?

Weighing In

For a period in my life I avoided the scale like it was my job.  Weigh myself?  No way! Where is the fun in knowing how big I am? Yet, as of late, I find myself weighing in on a daily basis.  I’ve even graphed it!* (Nerd alert.)

Now I’ve heard the pros and cons of weighing yourself daily.  Most of the advice I’ve gotten in the past tells me to weigh in weekly so I don’t get upset about fluctuation.  But I find that, at a weekly weigh-in, I don’t hold myself as accountable for my mediocre eating and exercising of the previous week. On a day to day basis I can look at the scale and see how I’ve been treating myself.  Yes, my weight was up two pounds the other day, but I was able to calm my (somewhat irrational) nerves. I reminded myself that I had lifted weights vigorously the day before and my body was compensating.  It probably didn’t hurt that I used a more positive thinking strategy.  And of course it was back down the next day, so any negative thoughts could have thrown me off my trending.

So here is my issue.  I get to look at my scale on a daily basis, which is fantastic, as long as I keep myself honest to my body and self.  I’m looking for others to help keep me accountable, to ask me how I’m doing every once in a while.  I may not throw a number in your direction, but every nudge is a kind reminder that this is a journey I wanted to embark on.

I wanna know: How frequently do you weigh yourself and why?  Where do your theories come from and how do you keep yourself accountable?

*There is a chance this graph will be made viewable in the coming weeks, when I figure out to embed and update it…

On a pathetic funny note, my P90X DVD refused to function properly at 5am this morning and I was devastated.  Cleaned it off at work and I’m hoping I can fit it in this afternoon (which just might make my day).
Update: My DVD still didn’t work.  Thank goodness there was a Russian website that allowed me to stream it…

Decisions, Decisions

Alright people, I’m enlisting your help!  As I’ve casually boasted mentioned previously (probably more than once), I recently completed my first marathon.  Now I’ve got the awful, infectious marathon bug.  I determined that October is an acceptable time to run my second marathon, but how does a girl choose?  Here is what I’ve come up with, now someone give me advice.  Thanks.

October 9th – The Portland Marathon 
Advantages:  I’ve never been to Oregon and I’ve heard amazing things.
Disadvantages:  It is quite far, I would have to take a day off from classes to drive there or purchase a plane ticket which adds to the race fees (on top of a hotel).

Also October 9th – The Long Beach Marathon
Advantages:  I can drive to the location, stay with my cousins, and the course is lovely and flat!
Disadvantages:  I may not actually own a car, this is still being debated.  I’m also awful at solo car trips so I’d have to drag one of my new found friends to join me.

November 6th – The Two Cities Marathon
Advantages:  A wonderfully flat course and only three hours from where I’ll be living.  Did I mention the swag?  Not just a tech shirt, but a sweatshirt as well.  I’m a sucker for great swag…
Disadvantages:  If I run this race I can’t do anything large in October or November…

December 4th – The California International Marathon
Advantages: Downhill course and less than three hours from my new home.
Disadvantages:  I haven’t come up with any yet, maybe that I can’t do any races in November if I attempt this?

Prices for the Two Cities and CIM are relatively the same, so that does not help in the decision-making process. Hmm, any seasoned vets have some words of advice for a newb? I’d love to hear any tidbit you might have!