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Ellie Review and Discount

I first learned about PV.body when I attended Fitbloggin this past year. It sounded like a great opportunity to get high quality workout gear at a great price. I was intrigued, so I subscribed and got excited about my first outfit. A few days after ordering my outfit, I was contacted by PV.body to be an ambassador for their brand and I couldn’t turn them down. There were some issues with the style they sent me, but I was able to exchange some of the items for more suitable options.

After seeing all the great items on the market (and due to some style/sizing issues), PV.body recently decided to start their own line – Ellie. You can bet I was excited when I saw their new line of clothing. Each month Ellie has a new collection, so you have to get items while they last! There are new tops and bottoms to select from. Best of all? You can get two items for only $49.95. Seriously, when was the last time you got a full outfit for that price? You can also buy the pieces separately, they range from $39.95 – $59.95.

Feb Outfit

This month I was sent the After Dark top and My New Obsession leggings. I’ll admit that these were not my initial picks (I can’t typically wear tanks like this), but they are great quality items. The fabric is thick and durable, with great elasticity. At first I was nervous about the leggings, they looked so small, but they stretched and held me snug. (Can you tell I had a slight dance party during the photoshoot?)

Ellie Outfit

Thoughts: I love how snug the pants are.  They make me feel secure and svelt. I wore them during speed training and they never slipped! They have a great wide waist band that is very flattering.  Unfortunately they don’t have a pocket for a key, instead I tied mine to my shoe. I’ll admit I was slightly over heated, but I blame this on the fact that California is getting too nice these days.

The top gives me a great shape. Yes, the straps were an initial concern, but they work well with my new racerback bra. There is a bit of cleavage in the front, but how else am I going to lure in the men folk? I don’t think I’d wear these two items together since I try to avoid wearing two tight items at once. But these would be great with a pair of shorts for a workout in the gym.

I definitely suggest checking out their new line. They have plenty of options to choose from and they are quite flattering. April pieces will be out in less than a week and the all black March line promises to be slimming. The material and manufacturing are high quality (things I notice as an engineer). Click on the image below or in my sidebar to get 20% off your first order.

20 percent of Ellie

Note: Ellie reached out to me and sent my outfit free of charge. All opinions expressed in the post are my own.