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Market to Market, a photographic journey

Initially I considered writing about the bike ride I participated in this morning, but after thumbing through my photos I realized a photographic journey through today’s events would be more exciting.  We started out our ride with a healthy serving of blueberry pancakes, before saddling up and getting on the Olentangy river trail.  Sponsors of the event set up booths along the way and we ran into our favorite Yelp-er (no, not Toby the pup).

After losing our way along the path, we made it to the North Market where there were a dozen vendors giving samples of Ohio made products.  Applewood smoked cheddar?  Don’t mind if I do.  Of course there was a great band, complete with a banjo and upright bass. I hope they didn’t mind us dancing with them…
 Inside the market there are thirty some food stalls with every delectable treat you can imagine (i.e., Belgian waffles, crepes, soft pretzels).  My friends ogled over some meat and we had delicious smoothie shots.

We got back on the trail to return to our starting location, but along the way we stumbled upon an amazing art group…


Before we left, Seth decided to try his hand out with a bike more his speed.

The morning ended at our original location with free ice cream, an assortment of locally made food stuffs, and overall joy (there was hugging).  What a great way to start the day, who knew you could be so productive before 2pm.  When I got home there was a surprise waiting for me.
Not just the bunny, but my new recovery compression socks.  I will be trying those out next week after my trail run, I’m sure I’ll need it.  Hope all of your Saturday’s have been as productive and exciting as mine!

Cinco de Mustachio!

While many individuals chose to spend Cinco de Mayo in the typical fashion,* my friends and I chose to take a more original route.  After a delectable sushi dinner, we made our way downtown to an Indian restaurant.  Yes, an Indian restaurant for Cinco de Mayo festivities.  It was fantastic.  How did we decide on such an evening? Well, I’m a Yelp elite addict and I’ve found that they sponsor some amazing (and random) events.  I suggest you check out your local Yelp events section and get in on the action.  While others were crowded into other Mexican establishments, we had control of the bar area and patio (fortunately it was warm enough to sit outside for a bit).

Did I mention everyone, male and female, wore mustaches?  It made the evening more “authentic”.  I chose the Bandit variety, I was told it fit my face quite well…  I’ll let you be the judge.  I must admit, it tickled my nose quite a bit.  Boy am I glad I’ll never be growing anything like that.  I had to be very careful when drinking my margarita, god forbid any of it get wasted in my ‘stache! Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately), the margaritas tasted atrocious, so I didn’t imbibe all that much before handing it off.  And I didn’t get into work with a hangover like many of my coworkers, win!

My friend Chris was adventurous and tried on an outlandishly large mustache.  He couldn’t even enjoy the beverages properly.  Ever seen a man drink beer out of a straw?  It took him quite a while to down it, then he was frustrated enough to remove it so he could consume properly.

Overall an awesome celebration with some hilarious individuals.  I look forward to the next time I can tack on some unflattering facial hair or outfit and parade around in public.  Oh wait, that will be next weekend with the Columbus Hillbillies at DWD

Workout moment of the day – Did you know the P90X Yoga workout is an absolute b*tch?  Well I sure found out at 5am this morning.  Just an hour and a half of falling over and realizing I should work harder on my stretching and balance. I’m glad I won’t be doing that for another week.  And tomorrow is a double effort, 26 mile bike ride in the morning and a P90X workout in the afternoon.  We’ll see if I can make it all day without a nap!

*This consists of going out to a Mexican restaurant or bar, drinking a few to many margaritas, doing things they shouldn’t speak of