Decisions, Decisions

Alright people, I’m enlisting your help!  As I’ve casually boasted mentioned previously (probably more than once), I recently completed my first marathon.  Now I’ve got the awful, infectious marathon bug.  I determined that October is an acceptable time to run my second marathon, but how does a girl choose?  Here is what I’ve come up with, now someone give me advice.  Thanks.

October 9th – The Portland Marathon 
Advantages:  I’ve never been to Oregon and I’ve heard amazing things.
Disadvantages:  It is quite far, I would have to take a day off from classes to drive there or purchase a plane ticket which adds to the race fees (on top of a hotel).

Also October 9th – The Long Beach Marathon
Advantages:  I can drive to the location, stay with my cousins, and the course is lovely and flat!
Disadvantages:  I may not actually own a car, this is still being debated.  I’m also awful at solo car trips so I’d have to drag one of my new found friends to join me.

November 6th – The Two Cities Marathon
Advantages:  A wonderfully flat course and only three hours from where I’ll be living.  Did I mention the swag?  Not just a tech shirt, but a sweatshirt as well.  I’m a sucker for great swag…
Disadvantages:  If I run this race I can’t do anything large in October or November…

December 4th – The California International Marathon
Advantages: Downhill course and less than three hours from my new home.
Disadvantages:  I haven’t come up with any yet, maybe that I can’t do any races in November if I attempt this?

Prices for the Two Cities and CIM are relatively the same, so that does not help in the decision-making process. Hmm, any seasoned vets have some words of advice for a newb? I’d love to hear any tidbit you might have!

About Michelle

I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. Sounds like you really want to do Portland. Do the one you want!

  2. mmm this is a difficult decision. I would say chose the race that you will simply enjoy the entire experience of most. I’m sorry I don’t know much about the actual races as I don’t live nearby. I’m excited to hear which one you choose! :)

    • It really is a tough decision! Being a crazy person (read: extremely foolish), I’m considering doing Two Cities half marathon and the California International full marathon. And if I am feeling really ambitious, I might attempt another half in October.

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