Bra Maintenance

I have a confession to make, please don’t judge me (too much), as of this morning I own approximately ten sports bras and several of them are more than three years old. Yeah, they are seriously old… I know that you are supposed to get rid of them after a significant amount of wear, but I’m the type of person who seems to hold onto clothing as long as possible. Well, in this case I’m finally realizing that I need to make a change.

Last night I was lucky enough to join some other Janes at a Moving Comfort Bra Extravaganza. I was excited as I’ve only been wearing Moving Comfort bras, namely the Fiona, for the past six years. I was ecstatic when I found a bra that fit well for my high intensity workouts. Of course, in speaking with June (the MC rep), I found out that I really should be rockin’ the Jubralee for all my workouts. Check out the website to find the perfect bra for your size and activity of choice.

At the event, one woman admitted that she always washes her sports bras after one wear which means she owns a serious number. June let us know that it is perfectly acceptable to wear a sports bra more than once before washing. To which I admitted to wearing my bra into the shower after a workout to help rinse off the sweat. I was amazed how shocked the other ladies were to this thought. June immediately agreed that it was a great idea and the other gals decided to give it a shot. This allows me to wear it more than once and avoid any sweat/smell from previous wears.

And when you do wash it, remember to fasten the hooks (something I neglected to do for too long). A lingerie bag is also a great idea (for any bra you own). Then it is best to let it hang dry. To help keep the fabric breathing properly avoid fabric softener which will clog the material.

But most importantly June let us know to look for signs of wear in our bras, this will let you know when to move on to new ones.  If you see any signs of a stretched bottom band and straps, faded tags, possible chafing spots, or a less-than-fresh scent, then you should probably invest in a new bra. After it has been worn too long the support is reduced drastically which will lead to bounce-age and, even worse, chaffage.

Thanks to June and See Jane Run I’m tossing out five of my oldest bras. No need to keep them around if they aren’t supporting me fully. And now I’m going to invest in a Jubralee or two. Sorry budget…

How many sports bras do you keep around? How do you keep them fresh?

Note: This post was not sponsored in any way by Moving Comfort. However, I won’t complain if they want to subsidize the cost for the new bras I’m about to purchase…

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I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. Posts like this remind me how badly I need new sports bras!

  2. Hi! I was the compulsive bra cleaner. I bought one last night, wore it this morning, and it’s hanging to dry on a door knob instead of in the hamper. We shall see how it goes!

  3. Yup, I have a bad habit of wearing my sports bras for way too long. Sometimes I just love them and don’t let them go when I should.

    • I have that trouble with most of my items of clothing. I think all the moving I’ve been doing lately is going to help me purge the old and worn items. I hope…

  4. I always wash mine after wearing. I have about 5 I really like, 3 that are okay, and 4 I wear only for cross-training or runs of less than about 10k. And probably 4-5 old ones that would just be if I were completely out of clean ones! I used to wear Moving Comfort bras but so many have that little velcro bit on the front part of the strap (just above the front bra part) that is supposed to let you adjust the strap length but just chafes the heck out of me.

  5. A woman runner could never have too many sports bras. They’re a definite need (I even use them for other activities outside running). :)

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