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This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend Fitbloggin in Baltimore. It was a weekend filled with new friends, great discussions, and some sweaty workouts.

On Thursday I arrived to meet Robby in our room. She bounded toward the door as soon as I opened it and gave me a big hug.  It was the first of many hugs for the weekend.  After registering, we decorated our badges, and I began to meet some of the wonderful bloggers I’d stalked online. There were so many people, it was fantastic. Finally got to meet the lovely Tasha who I’d blogged at plenty of times and saw an HLS pal (the awesome Carly). Robby was a bit more outgoing than I was and grabbed a dozen people to join us to the Green Turtle to enjoy some football. Wow was that an experience. Remind me to tell you the story of the flying bartender sometime!

Friday started off with two fantastic workouts. Crossfit was a serious killer, but thanks to the encouragement of the lovely  Pinky I was able to make it through with minimal complaining. After a quick cool down we ran back to try out a workout by Cathe. By the end, I was a huge puddle of shvitz. I’d heard great things about Crossfit before, I think I’ll have to check it out again to see if I can get some new muscles.

I ran off for a quick shower before sitting in on some amazing discussions and lectures. We laughed, we cried, we shared ourselves with each other. It was truly beautiful to learn so much from the other attendees. Not only did I learn about the struggles others had, but I realized things about my own journey. Check out the LiveBlog on Self Acceptance, it will open your eyes.

In the evening we had another rowdy time. Five of us (Robby, Melissa, Pinky, Dawn, and myself) gathered into our hotel room, sipped on some wine, and laughed for hours. Thanks to Dawn for bringing out my inner wasabi pea lover, I now own a large bag…

More updates about Saturday and Sunday to come, unfortunately I must be off to TA the Intro to Mechanical Engineering course (more on school soon).

What conferences have you enjoyed recently? What are your thoughts on Crossfit?

Wordless Wednesday – A vacation in photos

A brief explanation of what I did over my break.

I saw some gorgeous art at the Olympic Sculpture Park

And there was a metal penguin! (Also in Seattle)

Laura took me to try on real cowgirl hats. What do you think?

Laura almost has the wingspan of a Longhorn!

Then we saw a cattle herd! Laura wouldn't let me try to run with the bulls (she is a meanie).

We baked up a storm

And then I got to meet Harley the wonder pup (she is so big and loving!)

And by the end I had fallen madly in love with this gal

It was a fantastic vacation full of friends, fun, and plenty of relaxation.  Now that the quarter has begun things are again going to be hectic in my life, hopefully this time around I’ll learn how to budget my time more efficiently.

Hope you all had a wonderful hump day!

Holiday Adventure

As of Friday the quarter was officially over. Hurrah! This past week has been full of less stress, complete laziness relaxation , and more television than I ever though I could handle. It has been great. I’ll admit it has been less productive than I would have hoped for, but I have to let myself slide after a very rigorous quarter. I just have to be serious with myself, I worked my ass off for ten weeks so now it is time to breath and enjoy the little things. (I deserve it?) And now I can spend the rest of the vacation doing more exciting things!

Later today I ship off for my tour of three states in two weeks. This evening I’ll be touching down in Denver, Colorado for a few days of skiing and overdosing on homemade Indian food. My friend from Stanford invited me into his brother’s house and I couldn’t be more excited. Instead of Christmas, we’ll be celebrating his nephew’s first birthday (I bought him the coolest hooded towel, I hope he likes it!). And I’m going to teach them the art of a Jewish Christmas, can you say Chinese food and a movie marathon? Then I’ll spend the rest of the time on the slopes, laughing too hard while my friend struggles to learn to ski, and sipping hot cocoa.

And before I know it, I’ll be off to Seattle, Washington to enjoy the museums, architecture, and ice cream (apparently it is award worthy). My friend in Seattle happens to be a professional magician and treehouse builder, I can’t wait to see some of the amazing structures he built over the past few years. I’ve only been to the city once (with my mother), so I’m hoping this visit will be a bit more exciting. If anyone has suggestions on what to see or do, I’d love to hear them!

Then I’ll be shipping south to the lovely state of Texas to see my lovely Laura and Sarah!! I cannot wait to see these two again. I’ve never been to Texas (other than for a layover) so it will be interesting to spend some time there. I’m not sure what we’ll do exactly, but I know it will be absolutely fantastic. I’m looking forward to plenty of down south cooking, nights out, and Texan accents. Perhaps we’ll even explore Austin since I’ve heard great things about the city.

Needless to say I’m quite excited for this adventure! I’ll do my best to take plenty of photos. In fact, my parents gifted me with a new digital camera for Hanukkah so I have no excuse not to these days. Now off to finish packing (nothing like saving it til the last minute :).

What are your holiday plans this year? 

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmahanakwanza!

Eating my way through NYC

Following a fantastic weekend in Philadelphia, I made my way to New York City with the gals (Laura and Sarah). We had a smooth train ride into the city where we met up with Laura’s friend Rachel.

First thing we did? Well we were all hungry and ready for lunner (or dinch?). To satisfy all of our food requirements I selected Darbar, an Indian restaurant near our hotel. Funny thing, apparently Laura had never tasted proper Indian food. Glad I could help her out on that front. The food was fantastic. We had quite the spread with garlic and cheese naan, mutter paneer, veggie samosas, and more.


Yesterday was filled with even more delicacies. Before setting off on our walking tour of the city, we stopped to grab an authentic New York bagel. To do it up properly I threw on lox with all the fixings. (It was necessary.) Then it was off to Central Park.






At some point in my life I’d love to live in NYC and  enjoy all the outdoor activities Central Park has to offer. Perhaps I’ll even run the New York Marathon at some point (pipe dreams). There were hundreds of people running and biking around the paths. And plenty of pedicabs begging for business. One gent asked if we wanted to rent a “sexy” bike. Since I don’t have a damn clue I’m willing to offer ten points if you can tell me what qualifies as a sexy bike!

Eventually we became sick of nature and decided to do something even more touristy – retail therapy. I can’t even begin to explain how much shopping there was on this trip, but I will note that I only purchased earrings (and food…). Since shopping made us ravenous, we hopped in to a Latin grill which served up some fantastic salads. I’m going to be adding this salad to my recipe collection, have to increase my arsenal so I can eat at home.


After dropping quite a bit of cash, we took the subway downtown to find Carrie’s stoop. I didn’t watch Sex and the City, but Sarah was excited to check it out. And since we were in the area we had to peruse Peanut Butter and Co. Want to get me a house-warming present? I’ll take a jar or seven of the Might Maple. So delicious (and it has protein so it is technically nutritious, right?).

It was another few whirlwind days, unfortunately all good things must come to an end. I’m currently on the bus back to Philadelphia and the girls are stranded at the airport waiting for their plane. Can’t express how happy I am to have met them and I’ll miss them dearly. To keep me company on the ride home I brought my computer (thank goodness for WiFi) and a Momofuku compost cookie. We’ll see how long that thing lasts…


What is your favorite restaurant or part of NYC? Where do you typically eat on vacation?

If you want to see more great photos of our trip, check out Laura and Sarah’s blogs. They were thoughtful enough to bring cameras.

HLS: A Brief Recap

If I could sum it up in one word I’d have to go with: Craziness. It was a long weekend of new friends, food, and unadultered fun. I’m nervous that it will take a week to catch up on sleep, but fun is always worth it (right?).

Saturday was chock full of activity for me. Starting off with a ridiculously early run that Carly had convinced me to go on (I wanted to sleep in, but didn’t feel like being a flake). It was exhausting, but fortunately I was able to sweat out plenty of impurities from Friday night.

The roommates and I cleaned up (they slept in while I ran and bathed) and rushed off to breakfast provided by Attune Foods. I finally had the opportunity to try their cereal and I wasn’t disappointed. I know I’ve mentioned them in the past, but I cannot wait to use my coupons to stock pile my cereal and probiotic bars. If you are in the San Francisco area, you need to should come out for the Breakfast Summit.

The rest of the day was a series of seminars. Throughout the day I learned quite a bit about healthy living and myself (did you know I’m a Flexitarian?). My favorite speaker, by far, was Dawn Blatner an RD who gave a speech about Action Mantras and Flexitarianism (more to come about those). I left her keynote with a few dozen recipe ideas that I can’t wait to try. This gal needs to start cooking more and this might have given me the extra push I needed.

At the end of the day we were all exhausted. A nap was in order before heading off to dinner. We picked yet another phenomenal restaurant and ate like queens. Note: I’ll soon be coming up with the perfect ALT recipe and I promise to show it off.

Although it wasn’t initially my plan, I rode up to NYC with two of my lovely roommates yesterday – Sarah and Laura. Somehow they conned me into joining them on their extended vacation (I’ll try not to complain too much).

If you have any questions about the summit or want to hear some of the scandalous less appropriate stories of my time there, please contact me!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend.  Tell me something you’ve learned about yourself recently.