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Social Lubricant

I came to a realization on Friday, sometimes I hide behind wine to make myself more comfortable in social situations. Not that there is anything wrong with a glass or two, but sometimes it turns into something more. In my current situation I know very few people and I feel like I need to put myself out there. Meet people, make friends, learn more about my area. It is exhausting.

In the past I didn’t have much trouble meeting new people, it is just finding events and groups to spend time with that is giving me trouble. On Friday I went to lunch with a lovely gent and was so uncomfortable that I ordered two glasses of wine. Later that afternoon I met some local hashers and again there was always a drink in hand. After that? Well I want to Shabbos dinner and the wine continued flowing. Somehow I ended the evening in the quad with a group of graduate students who, surprise surprise, were drinking more. Although I could have easily said no and put my glass down at any point, I didn’t.

I remember how I was after moving to Columbus. A shy young woman looking to meet new people who managed to gain friends. And fifteen pounds. I don’t want that to happen again (ever). Why is it that all the social events I manage to attend involve alcohol? I’ve been looking to attend more athletic activities, but I get so nervous going into these settings. When I’m stone sober I become so much more concerned about how others are judging me.

One day I’d like to be comfortable walking into a new group without a beverage in hand. I don’t know if that day will be coming anytime soon, but I have to start learning since orientation is about to begin in full force. I reviewed the events and each evening activity is sponsored by a bar. This does not bode well. Would someone please come here and be my wing person?

What tips do you have for curbing your enthusiasm drinking? How do you get yourself through awkward social situations?


Reading Terminal Lovin’

I’ve been in downtown Philadelphia for the past two days now and I’ve already been to Reading Terminal thrice. I think I have a problem… No, I take that back. I have a problem! But seriously, how can you not love the place?

After a fun morning demonstration by FritoLay (more info to come soon), I met up with my lovely roomies and went straight to the gym. It was fantastic to sweat off the 4th Street Cookie I had devoured the night before. Shockingly I had one of my best dreadmill runs in a while; 3.1 miles with random incline changes and I increased my speed every quarter to half mile. Hopefully that prepared me for the 5k in the morning.

Then it was off to lunch at RTM. Laura was kind enough to share a mozzarella and artichoke sandwich with me (and take photos of it).

I could honestly eat there every day and not get sick of the place. If you ever make it to Philadelphia, after you check out the Liberty Bell take the short walk over and grab something. Best chocolate covered marshmallows around.

Later we all glammed up for the cocktail party and ran through pouring rain to mingle and munch with everyone. (They held the party at RTM which is a fantastic venue.) Everyone looked fantastic and it was wonderful to meet so many new folks. Note: There will be tiara photos coming soon.

Of course the evening wouldn’t be perfect without some randomness (this is my life we’re talking about here). On the way back into the hotel I looked up to see my brother and his best friend. So odd. We chatted for a bit before some more awesomeness ensued (what happens at HLS, stays at HLS).

Going to bed at 1am was not the greatest idea for waking up at 5:45am to go running. I’ll be exhausted this afternoon, but I’m trying not to think about that. As for now, we’re off to conference!

Have you ever been to Reading Terminal? If so, what is your favorite stall? And obviously I want to know, how is your weekend going?

Hello New Friend

After a whirlwind morning of spending far too much money, I hopped on the train and rode into Center City. If you weren’t aware, tomorrow is the beginning of the Healthy Living Summit and I’ve decided to attend. Well, it wasn’t as easy as deciding since I hadn’t initially purchased a ticket…  But one way or another I am here. Welcome to Philadelphia!

Rolling up to Market East I became reminiscent of my younger years. I won’t bore you with stories (since most aren’t appropriate), but it was nice to think about the past. That didn’t last long as I dragged my overstuffed suitcase into the hotel lobby.

Awkwardly sitting on a couch I was approached by two lovely blogger gals who obviously shockingly knew who I was. (So flattering.) It is always lovely to meet new folks who I’ve stalked on the interwebs. Eventually my lovely roommates decided to join me and we immediately ran to Reading Terminal for lunch. If you ever visit Philadelphia I suggest you take a tour of the market, it is phenomenal.

Of course I forgot to bring my camera to a blogging event, so I don’t have photos to show you the amazing turkey crepe or 4th Street Cookie. They truly are famous. Just ask Laura, I was kind enough to share with my new roomie. As if that wasn’t enough food, we stopped by the Chinese cookie factory so I could pick up some mess-ups. They are for my father. I swear! Didn’t think my luggage was heavy enough, now I’ve got three pounds of extra deliciousness.

We spent most of the afternoon wandering around the city. My feet are currently throbbing and I’ve been schooled on my blogger relations. I do believe it is time for bed. Did I mention I’ll be sleeping with a random woman this evening? Oh the life I lead…

Will I be meeting you tomorrow? If not, tell me something exciting that you are doing this weekend!

Oh Canada

After a week of wonderful rest and relaxation, I have finally returned to the good ol’ U.S. of A. I can’t say that I’m overjoyed to be home, but I had to get back to reality eventually. Although I went to a different country (if you think Canada counts) I should admit that we didn’t accomplish much (but I am up to date on True Blood!). That being said, there are a few things I’ve learned about Canada this week that I will definitely miss.

This gal loves her sushi and Japanese fare. Seriously, I could eat it every day of the week. And in Canada? Well most places offer All You Can Shove-in-your-gullet Eat menus. I’m not talking buffet style, you actually order exactly what you want and it is prepared for you. Of course this has a downside (when you feel like you want to vomit), but I try not to think about that.

Don't look at me, I've eaten too much sushi!

Think Victoria Secret is nice? Well I think La Senza makes damn sexy undergarments. I’ve heard about the company before, but had never seen or tried anything on. Unfortunately the store was closing fifteen minutes after I entered so I was only able to procure a few underoos, but I know I’ll feel sexy beautiful when I wear them. (Not that anyone else will be seeing them for a while…)

Apple Fritters will be my greasy, sweet downfall. Adeel decided to show me the local flair and took me to a flea market. Apparently the item of choice for most people were the freshly prepared apple fritters. You watch them peel, slice, and fry them into sweet perfection. I will not be telling you how many I actually consumed, let’s just say I will be doing two a days this week to get them off my hips.

And most importantly, I’m not sure if you were aware of this, but Canadians really are more polite and nice. Ask them a question on the street and they are happy to help. In stores and restaurants they bend over backwards for you. And when you’re in a hurry at the airport, they will let you get in front of a whole line to pass through security. Don’t know if I could get used to it (too much New Yorker in my blood), but it was pleasant for the week.

What exciting things can you tell me about Canada? Tell me something about your week!

A major thanks to the lovely ladies that guest posted for me while I was away! If you haven’t been to their blogs, I seriously suggest you check them out. I adore them and I bet you will too – Laura at the Odd Duck Blog, Melissa at Journey to Marvelous, and Sarah at Running on Words. I feel so behind since I haven’t had much time to read or comment on blogs, but now I have something to keep me occupied this week…

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Wordless Wednesday

It is funny how your days start running into one another when you have little to do. I was out with a friend yesterday and honestly thought it was Monday. Hopefully I can get back on track soon… Here is a little peek into my life over the past few weeks as I prepare to leave Columbus.

I do believe I mentioned that I was suckered into wearing a Bumpit at my going away party. I feel it is only appropriate to provide evidence.

And if you weren’t aware, I’m a phenomenal dancer (this picture doesn’t do it justice).

Many of my amazing friends came out to see me off. I’ll miss them dearly and hope that at least one will surprise me out in California (yes, that was a hint).

Have you ever taken professional photos? I attended a fantastic Yelp event last week and had glamour shots taken, check me out –

And now I’m feeling a bit narcissistic… Shockingly I actually like these photos of myself (that rarely happens). Yes, this will could lead into a discussion of how we feel about photos taken of ourselves, but I think I’ll save that for another day.

When was the last time you felt glamorous? How do you feel about getting your picture taken?

Just a warning, I’ll be hosting another giveaway in the next week or so and you won’t want to miss out!