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My Barometer

I find that I have a personal barometer that I measure and alter my emotions by. My weight. I realized it this morning as I shied away from the scale. I haven’t stepped on the scale in the past two weeks due to vacations and poor eating, I didn’t know what to expect.

Now, I’m well aware that the number on the scale should not affect me. It doesn’t own me, I am (or think I am) at all times in power of my body. Yet why the fear this morning? Well, I haven’t worked out as much, I ate more decadent meals, and I lost too much sleep. So what was I to do? I knew I needed a base on where my weight was after two weeks of gluttony, so I sucked it up (and in) and got on that scale.

What did it tell me? Well, somehow I’ve managed to maintain/drop a teensy bit of weight. I don’t know how it happened, but I found myself immediately cheerful. Something about that darn scale gets to me. Every. Damn. Time. I don’t have a pair of skinny jeans, I don’t keep body measurements of my progress, I just base my body on that single number. Somehow seeing that I haven’t deviated off my downward path was able to improve my mood immediately.

I’ve learned to become less upset about small fluctuations upward, but that lower number? Heaven. Maybe I’m learning to eat and live at a balance. Perhaps my body is plateauing again (it sure likes to do that). Whatever it is, I’m glad that I’m managing to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully my barometer will never exceed that previous tens digit (not sure I’m ready to admit it). And if it ever dare, hopefully I have the strength and determination to weasel my way back down.

What about you? Do you have a personal barometer? Does any physical factor make or break your mood?

Turtle Thursday

I woke up today feeling a bit under the weather, my nose has been running all day and my head is debating whether or not to have a headache. Work was quite atrocious, there were times I wanted to shout at my coworker, “I don’t actually care, I won’t be here in two months!” (He isn’t aware that I’m leaving.) But I made it through, and towards the four o’clock hour I had serious thoughts about going for a run.

Since I’m often foolish, I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to run while getting a head cold. Typically I don’t abide by “healthy medical” practice, I prefer to do things based on my feelings. Which are often wrong… Based on the feedback I received from some fantastic twitter-folk, I decided to go for a slow three miles and constantly reevaluate my physical condition.

These days, Ohio has been kind enough to have the most finicky weather. When I left work it was pouring, but it seemed to lighten up on the way home. By the time I changed and was out the door, it was still determining if it wanted to continue its rain cycle. As I left my apartment I noticed that I started too fast. I had to remind myself that I needed to pace appropriately or I’d be on the ground in a few minutes. Of course that didn’t do much to change my pace, I found that I was feeling decent for most of the way so I didn’t slow myself. When I first began the run, I expected to be going a minute per mile slower than average, just to keep my body happy. Rounding towards home I realized that I was having negative splits. Where was this speed coming from?! Somehow I managed to push myself the entire way without slowing or having my body complain. Mission accomplished, and I’m still shocked that I sped up towards the end without wheezing.

On another note, the Zensah Calf Sleeves I’ve worn for several runs and races, well they are absolutely amazing. I didn’t feel a twinge of discomfort in my calves the entire time. They helped to keep my calves comfortable, which is exactly what I need these days. I hadn’t heard of calf sleeves until recently. After experiencing pain on the outside of my leg while running, I realized I needed a solution. Stretching wasn’t cutting it and changing my stride made me feel like I was waddling… With some research, I realized that calf sleeves were my best bet. Now I can honestly say that they were a lifesaver.

To top off my evening? Well I decided to end today on a high note with a delicious combination of peanut butter, banana, and chocolate. Can you think of anything better? I hope this doesn’t become a habit, that could be delicious detrimental to my health…

Now tell me: What exercise equipment has saved you in the past? And what is your secret nighttime snack craving?

Note: I purchased the Zensah sleeves on my own dime, all praise is solely my unbiased opinion. Of course I wouldn’t mind if Zensah sent me some compression gear to review. (Bright pink is preferable…)

The Running Short Debacle – Revisited

Recently I wrote about my aversion toward running shorts, but last night I took the plunge.  A few wonderful individuals helped push me in the right direction and suggested a multitude of apparel options.  I am now the apprehensive proud owner of a pair of Nike Tempo shorts (with pink trim, have to add some flair).

I wore the shorts for the first time this afternoon at my speed training session.  Dear goodness was it warm out, approximately 80 degrees with 60% humidity.  I was dying just standing still.  I must admit that it was lovely to not have the extra fabric hugging my body while I was shvitzing like a mad person.

So, the verdict: Will I wear these shorts again?  Most certainly, but this time without underoos (I didn’t think to take them off in the locker room at work).  They rode up, but it didn’t inhibit me as much as my mesh gym shorts ever did.  I didn’t feel the desire to pull them down every five seconds, which was a plus.  We’ll see how they work on a longer stint sometime in the future.

Katie suggested Brooks Gylcerin shorts and I have already ordered a pair, excited to try them out.   And a few others suggested Running Skirts, but this requires a lot of confidence since there are just briefs under the skirt.  One day…

In other news, I’ve been keeping up with P90X and starting to really enjoy it.  There are a few moves I can’t do properly (darn chaturanga!), but it is keeping me active. Sadly, my running has taken a toll due to this workout routine.  Hopefully my legs can hold up for Dances With Dirt this weekend.

Do tell: What attire keeps you sane in this heat?

Weighing In

For a period in my life I avoided the scale like it was my job.  Weigh myself?  No way! Where is the fun in knowing how big I am? Yet, as of late, I find myself weighing in on a daily basis.  I’ve even graphed it!* (Nerd alert.)

Now I’ve heard the pros and cons of weighing yourself daily.  Most of the advice I’ve gotten in the past tells me to weigh in weekly so I don’t get upset about fluctuation.  But I find that, at a weekly weigh-in, I don’t hold myself as accountable for my mediocre eating and exercising of the previous week. On a day to day basis I can look at the scale and see how I’ve been treating myself.  Yes, my weight was up two pounds the other day, but I was able to calm my (somewhat irrational) nerves. I reminded myself that I had lifted weights vigorously the day before and my body was compensating.  It probably didn’t hurt that I used a more positive thinking strategy.  And of course it was back down the next day, so any negative thoughts could have thrown me off my trending.

So here is my issue.  I get to look at my scale on a daily basis, which is fantastic, as long as I keep myself honest to my body and self.  I’m looking for others to help keep me accountable, to ask me how I’m doing every once in a while.  I may not throw a number in your direction, but every nudge is a kind reminder that this is a journey I wanted to embark on.

I wanna know: How frequently do you weigh yourself and why?  Where do your theories come from and how do you keep yourself accountable?

*There is a chance this graph will be made viewable in the coming weeks, when I figure out to embed and update it…

On a pathetic funny note, my P90X DVD refused to function properly at 5am this morning and I was devastated.  Cleaned it off at work and I’m hoping I can fit it in this afternoon (which just might make my day).
Update: My DVD still didn’t work.  Thank goodness there was a Russian website that allowed me to stream it…

What I wouldn’t do…

How many times have you said, “I’d kill for…”?  I came across this postcard from PostSecret this week and it struck a chord.  I find myself agreeing with this individual, what wouldn’t I give to have the perfect body I’ve always wanted.  I’ve tried to eat differently, increase my exercise, think more positively, but nothing has managed to work as of yet.

Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately?) I will never have to face a decision as drastic as the one denoted in the postcard.  There is still hope for my body the natural way, seeing as that is my only real option (no more plastic surgery for me). Here is to trying to be more positive!

In other news, the scale showed a tens-digit I haven’t seen in a while this morning. Starting off the day in a good mood (there was dancing in the shower).  Hopefully my yearly review doesn’t shatter that this afternoon…

Tell me: What are your small victories of the day?