See Jane Run Half Recap

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of running the See Jane Run half marathon in Alameda, CA. I’d been planning to run this for a few months, but it managed to sneak up on me before I knew it. Don’t get me wrong, I did several long training runs before the day of, but somehow it didn’t sink it (this is a recurring problem for me).

So I set to bed early on Friday and  woke up at 5:45am ready for the day. Suited up into my typical race outfit, capris and a pink top, then dilly-dallyed for some time. Around 6:15am I got into the car to head up to Alameda early as I wanted to grab a bagel before the race. Well, those hopes were dashed when I saw how crazy the parking situation was.

See Jane Run with Maggie

Look how happy we were at the start! Such fools…

After claiming my spot, I rushed to the start area to find Maggie. One quick port-a-potty stop later and she agreed to search for a bagel with me. By the time we returned (with bagel in hand) it was 10 minutes from the start. We sauntered over and took a lovely photo (I actually really like it which is rare for me!). And then, as we were about to start shuffling, Maggie casually asks, “Did you remember to wear sunscreen?” Facepalm…

Packed start line. We were ready to go!

Packed start line. We were ready to go!

As we get going we were actually quite positive. We realized that, with this flat course, there was a very solid chance that we can set a new PR for Maggie. And we set out to do just that. We started jogging with the other Janes at a steady clip. Mile 1 was a bit faster than I’d have liked (because I’m oh-so-conservative), but it felt good. Then we found ourselves on a completely uncovered straight away.  Apparently Alameda is hotter than San Francisco, I had no idea that the weather forecast for the day was sweltering.

Somehow we unintentionally sped up for the next three miles. Neither of us seemed to notice as we trotted along. We chatted a bit about life and how I’m frustratingly uncertain what I’ll do after graduation. Getting into a steady rhythm.  Once we crossed the pedestrian bridge it seemed to be a touch crowded since the path only allowed for three people across. So we started to leap frog around a bit (probably not our best idea) and we were doing quite well for a while…

But then after eight miles of running in the uncovered heat, both of us became a bit disheartened. We’d been doing great, chasing the pace group right in front of us, but the heat was taking its toll. The time for our ninth mile (and every mile following) was drastically longer than the first eight. I tried to keep our spirits high, with a smile on my face and loudly cheering for everyone we were with. Unfortunately my positive attitude couldn’t get us to push much harder, that heat was killer.

Approaching the finish line we picked it up into a sprint and finished strong. Although we didn’t make our goal of PRing, we finished together and in fairly high spirits. Moments later Katie came applauding over, so proud of our effort. My lovely ultimate frisbee pal Katie had conquered the 5k and was kind enough to wait for us. We immediately grabbed some champagne and took a much needed seat to gab about the day. It wasn’t even 11am yet and I was beat. By the time we stood up again my legs were very confused, but brunch needed to be consumed!

For the majority of the race I insisted on telling people my reason for running – bacon! So I was quite pleased that we made it to a nice restaurant to monch on some. I’ll admit, it wasn’t my favorite bacon, but at that point almost any would suffice. Overall it was a great morning spent with some lovely Janes.

Happy again after a tasty meal

Happy again after a tasty meal

So, would I run this race again? Only if someone tells mother nature to take it easy. I’m not a fan of being active in that type of heat, and most certainly not if I’m in direct sunlight for several hours.  But this is definitely a course I’d run again (in the winter), completely flat and scenic. The field is fairly small but incredibly supportive, which was incredibly helpful as my energy decreased. And the shwag? Awesome. Check out the new medal I’ll be rocking!

Just so everyone knows the truth about why I run

Just so everyone knows the truth about why I run

Now to decide if I’ll enter the See Jane Run Triathlon in October…

What do you run for? Chocolate, champagne, beer, cupcakes?

And we’re done!

Well, almost. I submitted all of my work and have confirmation from each of  my professors that I have indeed passed. There is no failing out of grad school for me! Now, I just need to muster up the courage to give a speech in front of several hundred people. Of course graduation falls on the 50th reunion weekend for my program, so I’ll have a great deal of alumni in the audience as well. No pressure…

Soon this will be happening again.  Eep!

Soon this will be happening again. Eep!

I’ve spent the last few days cleaning up my apartment and office in preparation for my eventual move. It is amazing how therapeutic it is to go through all of my items. Somehow I’ve given away a disturbingly large amount to Goodwill, I had no idea I’d amassed so much crap. Here’s hoping I can live with less once I return to the real world (whenever that happens).

In running related news, this morning I’m heading off to Alameda to rock the See Jane Run half marathon with my lovely running partner Maggie. Thank goodness she dragged me out for an 11 miler a few weeks ago or I’d never be prepared! At the Rock and Roll San Jose I helped* her PR, so I’m secretly hoping we can do that again. Again, no pressure whatsoever…

What races are you rockin’ this weekend?

*The term “help” is used lightly. I’m pretty sure it was all her and she was trying to finish quickly to get away from my peppy, obnoxious race self.

Wantable Jewelry Box Review

I recently received the opportunity to check out Wantable‘s new jewelry subscription service and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. To be completely honest, I don’t switch my jewelry frequently, but I’m trying to dress more like an adult (and failing most days…) and thought it would be beneficial to have a wider variety of options.

To customize your box, you go through a thorough questionnaire.  They ask you about your taste in style, the type of jewelry you are interested in, color choices, and several more key characteristics. Then, a week later, they send you a box with several different items to rock. According to the site you will get three to five items.  Wantable also offers a makeup box which would probably be ideal for me as I rarely purchase new makeup. If you get only one box it costs $40, but if you have a monthly subscription the price goes down to $36.

Wantable selection process 2

For my first box, I received five pieces:

Peony Earrings – great for a summer look with a maxi dress
Drew Earrings – drop earrings with turquoise stones
Harlow ring – a combination of silver and gold for a rockstar look
Gracen Necklace and matching earrings – chunky and big to make a proper statement

Wantable Jewelry

While they are all pretty quality pieces, I wasn’t in love with any of them.  I have a very simple style and didn’t see how I could integrate these pieces into my wardrobe.  I’d seen some of the items other customers received and realized that I preferred a different style. So I sent customer service a message about my thoughts and they were fantastic. They listened to my musings and promised to send me a box full of items that I would prefer.  Looking forward to the next box!

Have you tried a jewelry or beauty box subscription? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


See Jane Run Entry Winners!

See Jane Run

Congratulations to Cece, Jen (jrfishx2), and Amy Krazy!  You lovely ladies will be rocking at the See Jane Run next month! I know you will kick serious butt.

To all the others who were interested in joining us, here is a 10% off coupon to register – SJRSFAMB13 It would be great to run with all of you!

If you are going to be at the race, please drop me a line so we can have a run-by-hugging at some point. And so we can clink glasses as we celebrate another race done well.

How is your training coming along?

I rocked a 10 mile run with Maggie on Saturday, followed by another fun 5 miles that afternoon (I’m an overachiever). Looking forward to some cross training this evening and another 4 miles in the morning. If I can knock out 11 miles this weekend, I think I’ll be set! Not sure if I can PR as I had initially hoped, but I’m thrilled about running with a sea of great females. That, and I love chocolate (who doesn’t?).

Happy running!!

See Jane Run Entry Giveaway

A few months back I was researching races in the area when I stumbled upon a deal for the See Jane Run half marathon that I couldn’t pass up. A flat half marathon for $50? Yes please! So I convinced a few friends to join me and nearly forgot about the whole thing.

logo-AMBASSADORseejanerunThen, as I was perusing the SJR site I accidentally (read: excitedly) signed up and was anointed a See Jane Run Ambassador! I was incredibly honored to be invited into a group of amazing runners and pumped about the shwag I’d get to model (sometimes it’s all about the shwag).

On June 8th I’ll be rockin’ the half marathon with Maggie and my lovely friend Katie will be kickin’ ass in the 5k.  And today I have three race registrations and I want to invite YOU to come run with us. Come on, you know you want to…

I’ve never run the race before, but here are a few facts to entice you. There will be champagne and chocolate at the end of the race to celebrate. Yes, I said it, there will be chocolate! It is also a (mainly) Janes only race, and there is guaranteed to be an amazing amount of team spirit to help your fellow runner finish strong. And if that isn’t enough, I promise a few too many high fives, at least one hug, and some (borderline inappropriate) support.

There are two ways you can enter this giveaway:
– Leave a comment about which distance you’d like to run and your main goal for the race (this doesn’t necessarily mean time)
– Tweet about this giveaway (include @seejanerunsport and @RunningJewess), then leave a comment to let me know

I’ll be picking the three lucky ladies on May 21st at midnight. Already registered? Let your friends know about this chance so they can join you.

Looking forward to running and rocking with you in Alameda!