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Wordless Wednesday – Recent Adventures

I’m incredibly fortunate to have ridiculous friends that drag me on outlandish outings. In the past month and a half I’ve taken part in some fantastic events. Here are a few picture highlights!

Showing our support by rockin' out to 90s music

Showing our support by rockin’ out to 90s music

Riding a bull in the middle of Ragnar, disregard the ridiculous face...

Riding a bull in the middle of Ragnar, disregard the ridiculous face…

Preparing to rock the Tough Mudder

Preparing to rock the Tough Mudder

First things first, hop into this pool of ice!

First things first, hop into this pool of ice!

And of course the chaos that was our Red Dress Run

And of course the chaos that was our Red Dress Run

What are some of your recent adventures?

Friend Making Monday (A few days late…)

So it is Friday, but I’ve finally found a few minutes to complete this great survey from Kenlie (over at All the Weigh). Take a minute to check out my answers then consider your own. What awesome things do you hope to accomplish in 2013?

Five Things

1. Share five things you hope to do before you die. 

– Travel to all seven continents
– Run the Great Wall Marathon
– Go bungee jumping and zorbing in New Zealand
– Make out with Vin Diesel (everyone can dream, right?)
– Have a puppy or two of my own

2. List five things you love about yourself.

– My eyes
– My fingers
– My awful sense of humor
– My loyalty to those I love
– My badassity

3. Share the five coolest things that you’ve done in 2013.

– Skiing in Colorado
– Celebrated several birthdays
– Completed over 100 push ups in one sitting
– Danced on a stage in front of dozens of people (this may have been a bit foolish…)
– Soon to be running the Ragnar Relay dressed as Triceratops!

4. List five things that you always have in your kitchen.

– Carrots
– Graham crackers
– Baking supplies
– Too many baking dishes that I rarely use
– Granola

5. Share five places you would like to go on vacation.

– Greece
– Japan
– Argentina
– New Zealand
– South Africa

There are a few dozen other places on this list. I think I caught the travel bug recently.

6. List five celebrities/public figures you’d like to meet.

– Vin Diesel
– Seth Green
– Jillian Michaels (is it bad that I really want her to scream at me?)
– Oprah (stop judging me)
– Oh dear goodness, this question is more difficult than I thought. The Rock?

7. List five bands or artists you’d like to see perform live.

– Billy Joel
– Elton John
– Regina Spektor
– Britney Spears
– Ingrid Michaelson

8. List five TV shows that you don’t want to miss. 

– Elementary
– Criminal Minds
– Parenthood
– How I Met Your Mother

9. Share five things you wanted to do as a child. 

– Be an artist
– Be a doctor
– Be a lawyer (look at me, I’m a good Jewish kid)
– Travel the world with my uncle
– Marry that silly boy from Jew-camp

10.  Share five things you hope to do in 2013.

– Graduate again!
– Travel to another continent
– See my best friend get married
– Fall in love
– Get a job that I’m passionate about

Some of those questions were a lot more difficult than I’d like to admit. I’m sure I’ll realize something I missed in ten minutes or so…  Hope you are all having a great Friday! Remember to check out Kenlie’s FMM post and all those that linked up.

Tell Yourself a Good Story

While I was at Fitbloggin this past month, I heard some really beautiful stories. I didn’t resonate with all of them, but one statement has really stuck with me. I was sitting in on the discussion, When You Have a Lot to Lose, and Nikki was talking about her weight loss journey.

Nikki mentioned that the story you tell is the one that others believe. And sometimes the most important story you tell is the one you tell yourself. When you wake up, rather than complaining about the time or the weather, say something positive. Look in the mirror and tell yourself one great thing about who you are and one great thing about what you will accomplish today. Because today you will successfully accomplish something.

Although I’ve had a tendency to be melodramatic in the past, these days I’m waking up with a new attitude. The other morning I woke up and thought, “I’m tired, this is going to be a long day.” But moments later I realized my foolishness, why say that to yourself when you can invigorate yourself with a few simple statements?

In fact, I used this tactic while running the San Jose half last weekend. I told Maggie about this theory around the half way point and we began to talk about how great we felt. I said that my legs felt fresh and I could go for many miles more. We shouted about how awesome we were. Then there was that one comment about how great my butt looked… Come on, sometimes you have to have fun with it. :)

So do me a favor, tell yourself something positive today. And tomorrow. Then keep the trend going and remember that you are an amazing specimen worthy of great things.

What story did you tell yourself today?


This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend Fitbloggin in Baltimore. It was a weekend filled with new friends, great discussions, and some sweaty workouts.

On Thursday I arrived to meet Robby in our room. She bounded toward the door as soon as I opened it and gave me a big hug.  It was the first of many hugs for the weekend.  After registering, we decorated our badges, and I began to meet some of the wonderful bloggers I’d stalked online. There were so many people, it was fantastic. Finally got to meet the lovely Tasha who I’d blogged at plenty of times and saw an HLS pal (the awesome Carly). Robby was a bit more outgoing than I was and grabbed a dozen people to join us to the Green Turtle to enjoy some football. Wow was that an experience. Remind me to tell you the story of the flying bartender sometime!

Friday started off with two fantastic workouts. Crossfit was a serious killer, but thanks to the encouragement of the lovely  Pinky I was able to make it through with minimal complaining. After a quick cool down we ran back to try out a workout by Cathe. By the end, I was a huge puddle of shvitz. I’d heard great things about Crossfit before, I think I’ll have to check it out again to see if I can get some new muscles.

I ran off for a quick shower before sitting in on some amazing discussions and lectures. We laughed, we cried, we shared ourselves with each other. It was truly beautiful to learn so much from the other attendees. Not only did I learn about the struggles others had, but I realized things about my own journey. Check out the LiveBlog on Self Acceptance, it will open your eyes.

In the evening we had another rowdy time. Five of us (Robby, Melissa, Pinky, Dawn, and myself) gathered into our hotel room, sipped on some wine, and laughed for hours. Thanks to Dawn for bringing out my inner wasabi pea lover, I now own a large bag…

More updates about Saturday and Sunday to come, unfortunately I must be off to TA the Intro to Mechanical Engineering course (more on school soon).

What conferences have you enjoyed recently? What are your thoughts on Crossfit?

Vain Friday

Because no one else has had the pleasure of seeing photos from the ball I went to last week, I thought I’d share my favorite with you lovelies.

I don’t quite remember what emotion I was feeling in this picture, but I sure do love it. A friend was kind enough to do my hair and makeup (because I am inept). Somehow dressing up makes me feel so much girlier and more elegant.

A bit about the event I went to, the ball is based on Edward Gorey and his fantastic works. Everyone gets dressed up in steampunk attire and dances the night away. In fact, I took dance lessons just to prepare for the big day. There was a fantastic market at the event and I had to talk myself out of purchasing a carpet bag. Instead I’m going to make my own from a pattern I just created (we’ll see how that goes…).

When was the last time you did yourself up? How did it make you feel?