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Friend Making Mondays – TV, Movies, and Me

After a fairly ridiculous weekend, I’m looking forward to getting back to being a productive member of society. Here are two photos to sum up how my weekend went. You’ll notice me overdoing it in pink for my Friday night festivities and being really proud (read: ashamed) on my red dress run on Saturday.

SVH3 Collage

And since it is the beginning of the week, I decided to get involved with Friend Making Mondays! Make sure to check out all the other great responses over at All The Weigh.

TV, Movies and Me

1. If you could be a recurring star on a show that is currently on TV, which show would you choose?  I’d choose Psych.  The characters are absolutely hilarious and always find themselves doing ridiculously, fantastic things.  Plus, I love a good mystery.

2. Name the movie that you are most embarrassed to admit that you love. I’ve seen every dance movie ever created? Absolutely love Center Stage and all of those genre.

3. Name one show that you’ve never seen and would love to watch. I’ve heard great things about Girls and Breaking Bad, but I’m the type that needs to see every episode starting from the beginning. It would take far too long to catch up on either series.

4. Do you ever go to movies alone? No, just not something I’m interested in doing. I rarely go to the movies unless I’m with a large group.

5. If you could only watch one TV show for the next year, which show would you choose and why?  This one is really tough. It would have to be Dexter or Criminal Minds. I love a good crime drama and those both have plenty of seasons to keep me entertained.

6. If you could star in one reality show, which one would it be and why?  I’d be on the Biggest Loser so I could work out with Jillian and ogle Dolvett. (Is this a reality show or a game show, I can’t decide?!)

7. If someone rented a billboard for you, what would it say?  It would probably say something outrageous. Or just be a giant collage of puppies.

8. Who is the most famous person with whom you have been in the same room?  Michael Jackson was at Universal Studios when I was there a dozen years ago, but I didn’t spend much time with him. I’ve spent time with some “famous” Silicon Valley folks, but I don’t think they qualify.

9. If you were chosen to be a contestant on a TV game show, which show would you want to be on?  My best friend and I always wanted to go on Lingo (on the Game Show Network). If I had more random knowledge I’d want to go on Jeopardy.

10. If there was a movie being made about you, which actor would you choose to play you? One of my professors keeps mentioning that I look like Jennifer Lawrence… I don’t agree with her on the looks bit, but I love that girls personality.

So tell me, what is your favorite television show? What character do you relate with the most?

Pretty in Pink

This weekend I’ll be participating in my hash’s red dress run (yes, even the dudes and dogs wear dresses). I’m a proud harriette, a lady member of the Hash House Harriers. Do you enjoy running and beer? Then this is a great group for you! Plus, it is international so there is no reason you shouldn’t join a kennel for a weekly run. (If you have any questions, I’d be all too happy to answer them.) I’m sure there will be plenty of embarrassing photos to show off come Sunday. Prepare yourself!

Along with the red dress, we’ll be supporting the Breast Cancer Foundation this evening with a pink pub crawl. What does this mean? I get to don all the pink I can find in my apartment! Here is a quick preview of what is to come. I’ve got a dress, shoes, underoos, necklace, sunglasses (with triceratops on top), wings, and a tutu. If only I could find my pink earrings… What do you think? Is it enough?  :)

All the Pink!

How do you doll yourself up for theme events?

Note: If you have any red dresses that you no longer need, I can find them a good home as I’ll be attending several red dress runs in the coming weeks. Drop me a line if you have any to donate. The more outrageous the better!

Down in the Big Easy

This past weekend I spent a few days in New Orleans with some great family friends and my two best friends. It was seriously amazing. I’ve been to New Orleans several times in the past, but I can never get enough of the place. This time of year the weather is perfect, the crawfish are in season, and everyone is a bit too friendly.

Face PaintWe started off the weekend the right way, with drive thru daiquiris, face painting, and a parade. Who knew that New Orleans was so into St. Patrick’s day? It was a rather tame night (I needed my rest), but we tasted some delicious seafood, imbibed a few beers, and got into the N’awlins spirit.

The next day we started off late, as my friends like their sleep, and had a full southern breakfast. Dear goodness I could get used to grits topped with an egg and sprinkled with bacon. Of course our host, Glenn, wouldn’t allow us to leave the house without sampling some crawfish. Breakfast dessert? I don’t see why not! We taught Anastasia how to crack ’em open and downed a few pounds before leaving the house.Kiss at Parade

Our first parade consisted of hundreds of drunkards throwing random items at us. And then there were the lengths of men that gave out flowers with a kiss. At first I didn’t understand the concept, but then we got into it. By the end I had a full bouquet, several new garters, and even a few dollars that were slid into them. Twas quite amusing, but we were starting to get restless and decided to go into the French Quarter.

The evening began with one of the best restaurants in the city, Jacques Imo’s, with some of A’s friends. If you are ever in the area, I suggest checking it out. We were stuffed and oh-so-pleased by the time we left. That night was a mixture of people watching (what else is Bourbon Street for?), great jazz, and some late night munchies. We left the city at 3am (the latest I’ve been up in a while) and were all ready for a rest.

Stirring The PotSunday brought yet another parade. We didn’t spend much time watching as there was no need for beads, but we did devour a few too many pounds of crawfish. They had a forty pound pot going when we arrived. I’d estimate that the three of us consumed at least ten pounds (if not more). It was so spicy that I was constantly wiping my brow, yet that wasn’t enough to keep me away. I don’t know how I lived my life so long without a proper crawfish boil.

Lisa feeding crawfish

We wound up in the French Quarter yet again that night. Had a few drinks at Pat O’Brien’s, a New Orleans staple, before getting the courage to sing karaoke. Right as we stepped on stage, Kenlie walked in to support us. It was great to hang out with her all night. We hopped from one bar to the next, which isn’t tough as they are right on top of each other, and danced our faces off along the way.

With Kenlie

It was a weekend I won’t soon forget. In fact, I’m currently detoxing from all of the amazing eats I had. (It is a rule that you have to try all the delicious food while you are there!) Was great in the moment, but I need to get it out of my system and get back on track. If you haven’t been, I demand that you put it on your list. There are few US cities I would urge you to visit and New Orleans is in the top five.

Have you been to New Orleans? What would you do if you went?

Spring Break Goals

When people hear the words “Spring Break” they typically think of college girls doing inappropriate things on the beach, but (un)fortunately that is not me this year. While I’m a large fan of traveling and doing foolish things*, I’m going to be spending this break focused on my future. To keep myself on track, I’ve set some goals for the next two weeks:

  1. Prepare at least three home cooked, healthy meals – I haven’t been cooking much in the past few months and I sure as hell haven’t been eating as well as I should. I made the decision that this week I’ll get back into the habit of preparing food at home. This morning I spent an hour at the grocery store picking up some healthy items, then this afternoon I managed to cook two great recipes (with only one major flub, hurrah).
    Major thanks to Laura for her delicious bulgur pilaf recipe and to Pinky for getting me hooked on these honey mustard burgers (seriously addictive). I had forgotten how tough it is to make several things in parallel, but it was worth it. Now I’ve got healthy meals for the next few days. Hopefully this is a habit that will last past these two weeks.
  2. Run three times each week – My running has been slacking since I returned from my races Phoenix. I have a half marathon this Sunday (with the lovely Maggie) and I need my body to be prepared. This morning I was able to get in a short run and I’m scheduling another two into this week. Thursday morning I’ll complete at least five miles and Friday is for speed training. Next week I’m hoping I can get four solid runs in so I can get back to my regular pace.
  3. Update my portfolio – As a designer, I need to have a portfolio of the substantial work I’ve done. I have started an online portfolio, which needs to be completely updated, and then I need to create a hard copy. This means I need to take some high quality photos of my work, edit them with Photoshop, and create an attractive layout in Illustrator. All in all it is quite an undertaking. Probably why I haven’t gotten to it yet. But the time is now and it will save me a lot of work in the future.
  4. Look for jobs – The most nerve-wracking of all my tasks. This will require me to scour the internet for positions in the Bay Area. At this point I’m uncertain what type of company I’m interested in working for, but I do know where I want to be. I’m setting a solid goal of finding three viable options and applying before the end of the week. I’ve also come to terms with the fact that it is tough to get a company’s attention through an online application, so I am going to do my best to connect directly with an employee. And of course this means some serious networking…
  5. Network and continue informational interviewing – I have two great connections in the area and I need to set up times that I can meet with both. Hopefully they will be able to guide me. But I also need to find people I’m less familiar with that could assist me in my job search. This means I need to buck up and attend events in the area rather than staying within my comfort zone. I’m incredibly nervous about going to these events, but recognize that it is necessary.

Of course there are a few other items I need to work on as well, like that hair cut I’ve put off for months and doing laundry, but I see these as minor in comparison with the other items. So here is to accomplishing all of the goals on my list and then some! (Wish me luck, I’ll probably need it…)

What are your goals this month? How did you get started on your job search?

*Okay, I got in a few nights of debauchery in New Orleans this past weekend. More information and a few too many photos to follow.

Friend Making Monday – Food Questions

Hey everyone, today it is Friend Making Monday!  This week we’re chatting about food habits and the like. Remember to check out Kenlie over at All The Weigh to link up and learn more about some other great bloggers.

Food Questions

1. What did you eat for dinner last night? Oy, I noshed all day… Then I had some of a small pizza around 5pm and some sushi later in the evening. Overall really healthy stuff (yes, I am being sarcastic).

2. If you could make one food calorie-free for the next year, What would you choose? Cookies. Seriously, I’m a cookie fiend.

3. How often do you go to the grocery store? I typically go at the beginning of the week and try to get all of the items I’ll need. Sometimes I’ll make a quick trip to Trader Joe’s midweek if I run out of fruit.

4. Do you make a list before buying groceries? Rarely. I’m boring when it comes to groceries which means I get the same things most weeks.

5. List three things that can always be found in your kitchen. Carrots, Greek yogurt, and granola.

6. How often do you clean out your fridge? Do not get me started. I’d like to clean it out more frequently, but I have a fairly messy roommate who makes that impossible.

7. Do you ever use a slow cooker? If so, will you share a recipe? I don’t. There is no guarantee if I’ll actually make it home for dinner so I try to avoid preparing too far in advance.

8. How often do you try new recipes? Not often enough! My friend and I used to cook together once a week, but my schedule is too hectic at this point in time. Hopefully I can get back into cooking next quarter.

9. What is the most delicious meal(s) you make? Does dessert count? I’d have to go with that…

10. Share at least one thing that is currently in your kitchen even though you don’t like it.  Leftover food that my roommate has yet to remove from the fridge. You think I’m joking about her messiness, but you have no idea. (In full disclosure, she is a wonderful person who just happens to have different standards of cleanliness.)

Happy Monday!  May all your weeks be entertaining and full of shenanigans!