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Dearest exercise

Please do me a huge favor and find your way back into my life. Seriously, I miss you and want you back. I’ll do anything. Really! Don’t make me grovel…

Honestly, although I love working out, I just haven’t in the past three weeks. What does this correspond with? Well that would be the starting of the school year. Since beginning classes I’ve given up control of most other aspects in my life and given myself over to the program. It is rigorous. My sleep pattern has suffered, I’ve had minimal time to meet new people, and, worst of all, my running is going on the back burner.

This weekend, when I was given the opportunity to have a few hours off, I chose to go to a party in San Francisco. This in itself is not the issue, the issue is my decision to stay out late and drink too much so that I could not pull myself out of bed to go for a long run in the morning. Instead I got restless sleep for a few more hours and spent the entire day working in my office. I did manage a short run this morning, but I know that I need to pick it up a notch to prepare for my marathon in December.

The issue I’m finding is that I feel inappropriate leaving the office early when so many of my fellow grad students are staying in the building to get work accomplished. In fact, I can honestly say I felt guilty when I left the office to go play frisbee this week. If I could manage to get out of bed by six every morning then maybe I’d be able to have the time, but this would also require me to leave the office before ten each night. Sigh, what did I sign myself up for?

How do you make the time to workout? What sacrifices have you made to exercise more frequently?

This is what I spend my time doing these days... (Did you know art is hard?!)

Note: More positive posts to come later. Maybe. If I can find the time to write posts.

Boob Job

It was seven years ago today (well, yesterday) that I took the plunge and went under the knife. When I tell most people that I’ve had a “boob job”, they assume I got implants. The girls are still rather large and I always make sure they look their best. But I didn’t increase them. I was sixteen years old when I underwent breast reduction surgery.

Let’s be serious, any type of plastic surgery is risky and especially for a young girl. I was unhappy, I didn’t know what I wanted I just knew I didn’t want them. I went into the surgery not knowing the outcome or how I’d feel. I’ll be honest, I never knew what the recovery process would be like.

Waking up from the surgery I was loopy and in pain. I couldn’t look at them for quite a while (showering was not a fun process). It took several weeks for me to become remotely comfortable with what I had done.

Seven years later and I can honestly say I’d do it again.  This time I’d be less naive; ask the surgeon for a smaller set and make sure to douse them daily with Vitamin E to diminish the scars. Some days I’m still not overjoyed with how they look, but I know I made this decision for a reason. I can comfortably run with one sports bra, I can wear most tops without buying up a size, and I can find a bra without going to a specialty store.

Cosmetic surgery isn’t for everyone. I suggest researching extensively before making an appointment with a plastic surgeon. And most importantly, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons (I’m still uncertain if I did).

On a lighter note, I had a lovely day with my family and friends. Yes, we ate a bit much, but these things happen. I leave you with this cuteness:

Mardi & his new toy pterodactyl

Have you ever considered going under the knife? What would make or break your decision?

Put up or shut up

I had only been in Ohio for a few weeks when I attended my first hash. That night I met my awful ex-boyfriend, M, and her soon to be boyfriend. For a few months the four of us spent a good amount of time together; going on trips, eating out, and drinking heavily (as most hashers do). Within six months I had gained fifteen pounds, I was at my heaviest weight ever and I looked atrocious. I made changes, I took the means necessary to lose the weight, and within months it was off again. And I was single again.

As for M, it wasn’t the same. She and her boyfriend have been together for over a year and a half. Within that time she has gained over fifty pounds. More than fifty pounds. That isn’t a small amount and it is impossible for her to hide. She has removed herself from our hash group and I rarely see her these days. At the beginning of the year, M was proud to mention that she had joined the local gym. Fantastic, I thought, now she can get back to her old self.

That was more than five months ago. How frequently has she attended the gym? Three times. The first time I was supposed to join her, but she was wishy-washy the night before so I didn’t set an alarm. She was furious that I didn’t show, but somehow she went to a body pump class. Next she met with a personal trainer (since it was offered free with membership) who was kind enough to tell her that she should only repeat a workout three times before changing it up and that workout classes were useless. She listened to the trainer. She returned to do the workout the trainer planned, but stopped right after.

I know it isn’t my place, but her actions frustrate the hell out of me. She has taken the first step to better herself, but has been stuck in a stand still since. No matter how much her friends (myself included) have offered to exercise with her, she refuses to do anything. Her boyfriend (a good friend of mine) joined the gym to help motivate her. Now he goes three times a week. Did this help? Nope.

She joined us for Girl’s Night last week and it is apparent that she is continuing to gain weight. It isn’t pretty. And I don’t know what to do. I have no right to get upset with her, but I want to help her.  She refuses to workout with me (probably because I’m slightly too high energy about exercising), she won’t workout with her boyfriend, and no one else can push her out of her rut. I hate seeing my friends spiral out of control. What is a girl to do?

Have you ever dealt with a frustrating friend? What has helped motivate them to alter their harmful lifestyle?

Monkeying Around

It was absolutely gorgeous out yesterday afternoon so, after a ridiculously tough P90X workout, I dragged my friend out to dinner. We sat on the patio at a fabulous Indian restaurant in the area, enjoyed the weather, and devoured the food (it is that good). I told  myself at the beginning of the meal that I was going to eat half and take the remainder home for today’s lunch. It took some self control, but I managed to stop myself and now I’ll have a hefty lunch. And ya know what, I was perfectly satiated with that.

After dinner we decided it was too gorgeous to return home. We walked around the area, taking in the sun (at 9pm, how is it out that late?!). There is a new frozen yogurt joint that just opened, we perused inside, tasted a few flavors, and I left happy with the three small samples I tried. I had no desire to consume more, which was odd seeing how I love dessert a bit too much.

As we were nearing my friend’s car, I realized nothing would be better than to play on the jungle gym. We climbed up the random “stairs” and I slid down an enclosed, twisting slide. (I only got stuck a teensy bit.) Of course I wanted to be hard core, so I decided to climb up a slide. Boy was that a nice little workout. There were monkey bars, not the typical straight set, but a circular arrangement. Trying to swing from one rung to the next I realized that my upper body strength isn’t remotely close to what it was in my youth. Wow. I’ll have to get back to my pull up bar and try to remedy that.

And before we left I had the great idea to try the even narrower enclosed and twisting slide. Foolish me. Tucking my knees into my chest, I scooched down to the bottom. It wasn’t pretty. My dismount was not at all graceful, I managed to hit my head a few times on the edge before righting myself. Then I felt it, the twinge of pain running up my back into my neck. Oh crap, what have I done? My simple, childish fun has led me to injury. Turning my neck to the right? I won’t be doing that for a few days. Sleeping was a chore, I couldn’t fall asleep and I woke up several times throughout the night due to the pain. I’m not sure what I’ve done, but I hope it will simply disappear in the next few days (or hours). Did I mention it really ruined my push-ups this morning? What is a girl to do?

How do you do it? Enjoy the gorgeous weather that is. Not injure yourself. Hopefully we can all learn from my foolish adventures and avoid unnecessary injury.

My Barometer

I find that I have a personal barometer that I measure and alter my emotions by. My weight. I realized it this morning as I shied away from the scale. I haven’t stepped on the scale in the past two weeks due to vacations and poor eating, I didn’t know what to expect.

Now, I’m well aware that the number on the scale should not affect me. It doesn’t own me, I am (or think I am) at all times in power of my body. Yet why the fear this morning? Well, I haven’t worked out as much, I ate more decadent meals, and I lost too much sleep. So what was I to do? I knew I needed a base on where my weight was after two weeks of gluttony, so I sucked it up (and in) and got on that scale.

What did it tell me? Well, somehow I’ve managed to maintain/drop a teensy bit of weight. I don’t know how it happened, but I found myself immediately cheerful. Something about that darn scale gets to me. Every. Damn. Time. I don’t have a pair of skinny jeans, I don’t keep body measurements of my progress, I just base my body on that single number. Somehow seeing that I haven’t deviated off my downward path was able to improve my mood immediately.

I’ve learned to become less upset about small fluctuations upward, but that lower number? Heaven. Maybe I’m learning to eat and live at a balance. Perhaps my body is plateauing again (it sure likes to do that). Whatever it is, I’m glad that I’m managing to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully my barometer will never exceed that previous tens digit (not sure I’m ready to admit it). And if it ever dare, hopefully I have the strength and determination to weasel my way back down.

What about you? Do you have a personal barometer? Does any physical factor make or break your mood?