Wantable Jewelry Box Review

I recently received the opportunity to check out Wantable‘s new jewelry subscription service and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. To be completely honest, I don’t switch my jewelry frequently, but I’m trying to dress more like an adult (and failing most days…) and thought it would be beneficial to have a wider variety of options.

To customize your box, you go through a thorough questionnaire.  They ask you about your taste in style, the type of jewelry you are interested in, color choices, and several more key characteristics. Then, a week later, they send you a box with several different items to rock. According to the site you will get three to five items.  Wantable also offers a makeup box which would probably be ideal for me as I rarely purchase new makeup. If you get only one box it costs $40, but if you have a monthly subscription the price goes down to $36.

Wantable selection process 2

For my first box, I received five pieces:

Peony Earrings – great for a summer look with a maxi dress
Drew Earrings – drop earrings with turquoise stones
Harlow ring – a combination of silver and gold for a rockstar look
Gracen Necklace and matching earrings – chunky and big to make a proper statement

Wantable Jewelry

While they are all pretty quality pieces, I wasn’t in love with any of them.  I have a very simple style and didn’t see how I could integrate these pieces into my wardrobe.  I’d seen some of the items other customers received and realized that I preferred a different style. So I sent customer service a message about my thoughts and they were fantastic. They listened to my musings and promised to send me a box full of items that I would prefer.  Looking forward to the next box!

Have you tried a jewelry or beauty box subscription? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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