See Jane Run Entry Giveaway

A few months back I was researching races in the area when I stumbled upon a deal for the See Jane Run half marathon that I couldn’t pass up. A flat half marathon for $50? Yes please! So I convinced a few friends to join me and nearly forgot about the whole thing.

logo-AMBASSADORseejanerunThen, as I was perusing the SJR site I accidentally (read: excitedly) signed up and was anointed a See Jane Run Ambassador! I was incredibly honored to be invited into a group of amazing runners and pumped about the shwag I’d get to model (sometimes it’s all about the shwag).

On June 8th I’ll be rockin’ the half marathon with Maggie and my lovely friend Katie will be kickin’ ass in the 5k.  And today I have three race registrations and I want to invite YOU to come run with us. Come on, you know you want to…

I’ve never run the race before, but here are a few facts to entice you. There will be champagne and chocolate at the end of the race to celebrate. Yes, I said it, there will be chocolate! It is also a (mainly) Janes only race, and there is guaranteed to be an amazing amount of team spirit to help your fellow runner finish strong. And if that isn’t enough, I promise a few too many high fives, at least one hug, and some (borderline inappropriate) support.

There are two ways you can enter this giveaway:
– Leave a comment about which distance you’d like to run and your main goal for the race (this doesn’t necessarily mean time)
– Tweet about this giveaway (include @seejanerunsport and @RunningJewess), then leave a comment to let me know

I’ll be picking the three lucky ladies on May 21st at midnight. Already registered? Let your friends know about this chance so they can join you.

Looking forward to running and rocking with you in Alameda!


About Michelle

I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. I am looking forward to doing more of the hate with you!

  2. AND ME!! I WILL BE THERE!! I am an ambassador too!

  3. 13.2 for me please!

  4. Reading your blog is totally making me tempted to try to train for a half at some point, but considering I’m still at least a couple days away from running (boo ankle!) I’d be running the 5K. I am excited about the possibility for champagne and INAPPROPRIATE CHEERING. Whoo! My race goal is to kick ass with Katie!

    [and I swear, if my facebook picture shows up, I am really a Jane. just one who thinks Taft is underrated.]

  5. I’d like to run the 5k distance. My goal: to have a blast!

  6. I would like to run the 5k distance! My goal is to stay healthy and active throughout my pregnancy (just hit the half way mark at week 20). Race day I will be 23 weeks :)

  7. I would love to run this half marathon, because I head it was great, and I’ve never done it before! My goal for this year is to run a Half every month! This could be June!

  8. I’d love to do the half and I’d love to finish within 2 hours. Either way, I will definitely enjoy he champagne at the end. Chocolate not so much, honestly, unless it’s covered in sea salt. ;-)

  9. Analuisa Lara -Allen

    I would like to run this 5k. My first was in 2011 where I sprained my ankle and gained 20 lbs. I have been able to train/ work out and diet to loose 58 lbs! I would love to run see Jane run since this is in my back yard, but unfortunately money is tight. Please pick me as I would love this to be my second 5k in my own back yard!! :-)

  10. Shannon Webter-White

    PICK ME!!! Just ran my first 5K in Pleasanton a few weeks ago, having ran only once in the last year or two. And guess what? I’m completely addicted! Running 5K #2 tomorrow and would be thrilled to win the See Jane run contest as it looks SO FUN:-)

  11. 13.1

  12. I would like to do the 13.1. I’m training for a full Iron distance triathlon in November. I did my first 70.3 in April, was next to last in the finishers (out of 244). It takes bravado and guts to be last. I have a long ways to go in my training, some fat to lose, but will certainly keep trying.

  13. Diana Barcelos

    13.1 I have just finished my first 5 k TODAY and had a blast. Now I want to take on the next challenge. After having my little girl in January, running seems to be the only way I can work out and I’m surprised that I am actually enjoying it ;)

  14. I want to run the half marathon. It is on my 55th birthday. After saying I’d never run another marathon (2010), I changed my mind on the afternoon of April 15, 2013. I feel compelled to be in Boston next April to share in the remembrance and the return. I’ve registered for an August marathon to get a qualifier, and need a good half marathon in June. This race sounds great! Beautiful course, cool Bay weather (I live in hot Sacramento), and great reviews.

  15. I would love to run the half marathon distance of See Jane Run June 8th to help celebrate my 39th birthday just two days prior. What better way to celebrate a birthday than with health, wellness and running?

  16. Valerie Gonzalez

    I would love to run the 13.1! I just ran the Diva half and that was my very first one. It was an exciting experience. I am grateful to have finish. Unfortunately I didn’t do as well as I wanted for it being my first but I had lots of fun. Now I am prepared and want to do it again. Didn’t think I would be ready for another by June 8 but I am and would love the chance!

  17. 13.1 for me, I have not registered for this one yet but I have many friends who have… I will leave it up to the contest gods to see if I am meant to run this one. ha. ;o)

  18. I’m hoping to run the 13.1. I ran it three years ago and had a wonderful time. My main goal would be to complete the race under 2 1/2 hours, beating my last time substantially.

  19. Over 34,000 runners completed the 2013 Virgin London Marathon from professional athletes to fun runners to those dressed in an array of weird and wonderful costumes. The weather was perfect for the occasion and the runners didn’t let London down, making the 2013 event was of the most special.

  20. I’d love to do the half marathon! Right now I’m getting into training for a full marathon, and hopefully qualifying for Boston. I’ve also been doing a half marathon every month, and this fits perfectly into my race schedule. There’s no better way to run a half than with some chocolate and champagne! I’m also planning on starting a blog on my races and would promise to document and write about the experience! :)

  21. Hello Michelle. Like your site! I am a running advocate as well, unofficially and in my spare time mostly encouraging people to transcend their own self-limiting beliefs about what they can and cannot do re: running and distance. As a 40-something working mom of two busy (and may I simply say challenging-to-parent right now) girls, I haven’t really been as diligent as I would like with my training for this See Jane Run half-marathon and thus have been reluctant to pay the $85/95 fee to sign up if I am not up for the challenge. And then I found your site. So, enter me in the contest please and pick me, pick me, pick me! (That was me annoyingly raising my hand so the teacher will call on me). I would love to do the 13.1 with my running partner and fellow mommy, Sheila. My goal is three-fold: Prove to myself that I have this 13.1 in me to run without walking; Have a good time with my running buddy Sheila and may I just simply admit here in cyberspace…to get a break from my parental duties and be surrounded by the great energy that comes from being around female runners. Phew. Sorry that was so long…hopefully your site takes long-winded comments?

  22. One word: Overachiever…I left a comment AND I tweeted. @cgarofoli
    Thanks for chance to win, Michelle

  23. I have been wanting to sign up for the half marathon. SJR was my first half marathon two years ago and since then, I have kept running! I did my first full marathon this January as a fundraiser for childhood cancer and I’ve just been getting back to running these last few weeks with SJR in mind, but haven’t pulled the trigger on registering yet. My goal is that the SJR half will keep me in running mode as I pump up the mileage and look forward to doing Boston next year! Thanks for your blog and a chance to win :-)

  24. Cassie Bradley

    Hi Michelle, I would love to run the 5K! I’m looking to get back into running after a knee energy, and I think this race is the perfect mix of fun, distance and rewards (champagne and chocolate — are you kidding me?) I’ve been strength training to build back up my poor knee, and I think I’m ready to rumble a solid 5k!!! I’m very excited at this opportunity, I’ve also tweeted (@Cassieb_tiu) about this race in the hopes some of my friends would join as well! I have a feeling it will be a beautiful, fun day!

  25. Melissa Reed

    Thank you for allowing some of us late comers to participate in your drawing! I have two friends that have signed up and are going. They are urging me to sign up quickly as we have run 3 half marathons together. It’ll be 3 months on race day when I lost my job and every penny counts in my household. I do hope am I picked. This will be my first of many SJR’s! May good fortune be with us ALL (and health too)!!!!!

  26. I would LOVE to run this half! My goal would be to run it faster than I ran my first half marathon last weekend down in Santa Ynez & Solvang.

  27. I want to support my friend who is running to get her best half marathon time!!

  28. Id love to run the half! Love love love! Main goal is to just savor the alone time without the kiddos and the awesome ability to be ABLE to run!

  29. 5K, please! My goals are to: (1) finish the race, (2) eat chocolate, (3) drink champagne, (4) cheer on total strangers.

  30. Well if you pick me you will literally see JANE run:) as an ultra runner I will never forget where I started many many years ago and it was yes you’ve guessed…. it my very first half marathon, see Jane run:) as a 50mile ultra marathon finisher,I can still remember how amazing my very first race was.
    Would love to get out and run with all the other janes and encourage them:) to keep training And keep reaching.

  31. Melissa Crim

    I would love to run the half marathon with you!!! I have ran 8 half marathons. I started running 10 years ago and so enjoy it. It’s my time to relax!!! Please consider me for this run, I would be honored to be chosen to run!!!!

  32. Aouda Morazan

    I would love to run my first 10k with all of you ladies.It would be great to accomplish this goal of mine with the See Jane Run Marathon. I don’t have a time goal I just want to do the run and feel that feeling of accomplishment. I plan to try again next year. Wishing all of you a great run, thanks for taking the time to read my post.

  33. I’d do the half! Hoping to PR, or run about 1:30 (my PR is 1:31)

  34. I’d love to do the 5K and then sign my five yr old to run the 1 mi kid run. . . And run it with her!

  35. 13.1 and my goal is to enjoy the race!!!

  36. I would love to run a 5k! My main go would be to not walk…

  37. Krissy Morgan

    Half marathon!! My main goal is being a fit and strong mommy to my two darling boys age 7 and 5 and healthy wife. Running always makes me happy….I love that feeling of achievement when I ran in the races. I just did my first 18 miles mermaid series 2 weeks ago and placed 2nd in my age group, then last weekend ran in capitola half marathon was 10th in my division I couldn’t be so prouder!! I do want to continue my training I want to inspire moms out who want to become a runner. I always believe to be a happy mama runner forever!!

  38. I would like to run the half bc I did my first one last Saturday. At the finish line my daughter gave me a hug and whispered in my ear that she was proud of me. That’s my goal to set a great example for her. And someday run one together.

  39. Hi!! My name is Cece and I’m 12 years old. I would love to run the 5K. I run cross country in middle school, but I’ve never run an official race. My mom suggested this would be a great one to run since there is a bunch of women and hopefully young girls. My friend Kate who is my age is running it too, and it would be so amazing if we could run it together. Plus, the chocolate at the end doesn’t hurt :) My goal is to have the experience of running an official 5K race and to become a stronger runner. Thanks! -cece

  40. Hiya. I let my posse of Twitter followers know about the race and your getaway at @GiannaGarofoli. Thanks, Gianna

  41. Hi Michelle – I’d like to run the half marathon distance. My goal … to surprise my little sister and run with her (shhhh). I’m so proud of her for training so hard the last few months. I know she’ll rock it!

  42. Teruko Kuroda

    Hi, I’d like to do the half marathon distance – I hear that this course is flat and fast. I want to get under 1:30 to qualify for the New York Marathon, though I need to shave off 9 minutes from my half marathon PR – I’m working on my speed!!

  43. I think it would be cool to run an easy half marathon and finally get to visit California on June 8th.. Cough Cough.. MY 20TH BIRTHDAY! Haha. I’ve always wanted to travel out there, but never had a reason to do so! It would be the greatest birthday present EVER! :)

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