YogaEarth Superfood {Review and Giveaway}

When I was at Fitbloggin, I was lucky enough to sneak into the Natural Food Expo next door. It was there that I met the wonderful and charismatic Sarah who introduced me to YogaEarth. She was happy to discuss the products and their benefits. Even better, she offered to share some of the goodness with me! Initially I was drawn to the Superfood nuts and trail mix (my typical favorites), but then I decided to try something new. I went with mulberries and chocolate gojis.

What is a mulberry you ask? (Totally asked that myself…) Mulberries are an organic antioxidant superfruit! At first I was turned off because of their appearance, similar to tiny pine cones in my opinion, but then I tasted them. For some reason I expected them to be dry, but they were softer and somewhat sweet. I’d compare their flavor with raisins or honey. I threw a handful of these in with my trail mix (the ultimate snack) and enjoyed the sweetness they added to my mostly nutty mix.

Part of the reason it has taken me so long to write this is because I removed chocolate from my diet in October and didn’t have the chance to try the chocolate gojis. But in the spirit of science, I decided to break open the package and try them out. Wow! I need to get this bag away from me…  Goji berries (also known as the wolfberry) are chock full of nutrients and on top of that it is dipped in dark chocolate. They remind me of a more sophisticated chocolate covered raisin. How can you go wrong? I’ve decided these would also make a great addition to my trail mix. In moderation of course.

Final Thoughts: I’m a fan. I’m looking forward to trying the other superfoods and adding them into my healthy snacking routine.

Would you like to try some YogaEarth products? One lucky winner will get a package of the Raw Almonds and an assortment of Keen-wah bars. A great addition to your snacking routine!

Now here is how the giveaway works:
Check out YogaEarth’s Superfoods and leave a comment telling me what you’re most interested in trying.  Or leave a comment about how you could spice up your snacking habits.

Want an extra entry into the giveaway? Well here are a few options:
1. Follow YogaEarth on Twitter
2. Follow Me on Twitter
3. Like YogaEarth on Facebook
4. Post a tweet about this giveaway, please include @RunningJewess @YogaEarth and a link to this post

Leave an additional comment for each extra entry.

The giveaway will be closing at noon PST on Friday, November 23rd, 2012.

Note: Open to US entries only. The products I received and the items I am distributing have been provided by YogaEarth. The opinion expressed in this post is solely my own.


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  1. Are there people who wouldn’t say the chocolate goji berries? Those sound so good!

  2. I am most interested in trying the chocolate goji berries

  3. i’m following you on twitter

  4. i’m following yogaearth on twitter

  5. I like yogaearth on facebook (and I like their bars by the way)

  6. MMM…definitely the choco gojis! :D

  7. I follow YogaEarth on FaceBook

  8. I would love to try the Goldenberries

  9. I follow YogaEarth on Facebook

  10. I follow YogaEarth on Twitter

  11. I love the idea of anything covered in chocolate ;) but seriously, any nut-based snack that is actually good for you (and not just vaguely proteiny with a billion calories) would be great, so I’d be excited about all the different nuts!

  12. I am most interested in trying the Chocolate-Covered Goji Berries.

  13. I Follow YogaEarth on Twitter.

  14. I Like YogaEarth on Facebook.

  15. their vegan jerky sounds awesome!

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  16. follow yogaearth on twitter @Kayday3

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. follow you on twitter @kayday3

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  18. like yogaearth on fb

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  19. tweeted

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

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