Friend Making Monday – Habits

Since I seem to have some extra time (at two in the morning), I thought I’d join in the fun of Friend Making Monday.  If you’re not familiar, FMM is a wonderful survey of sorts run my Kenlie over at All The Weigh.  Check out her blog to see her answers and read others responses to the questions.
  1. Are you proactive, or do you procrastinate?  That really depends.  I’m typically the proactive type, but at the moment I’m stuck completing work that is due tomorrow morning.  People in my office know me as the person who is “on top of things” and I usually have all assignments completed early.
  2. Do you eat breakfast everyday? If so, what’s a typical meal like? I always have breakfast, it is either granola and Greek yogurt or cereal. If I’m feeling rushed then I’ll toast an English muffin with some peanut butter.
  3. How much time do you spend watching TV on an average day? Television? I don’t have time for that nonsense.  I’m lucky if I can watch shows on my Hulu queue before they expire several weeks after airing.
  4. Do you talk on the phone, or do you prefer e-mail and/or text messages?  Sadly I’ve become the type to use e-mail and text messages to communicate.  I find that I get very distracted when I’m on the phone and I don’t always give my complete attention these days, something I definitely need to work on.
  5. Do you exercise in the morning, afternoon or evening? I exercise when I can find the time. Usually before class, but every once in a while I’ll fit in a run in the afternoon if I can sneak out of the office early.
  6. Do you take time for yourself regularly? I used to…  I will again one of these days, but for now it is time to focus on my graduate career.
  7. How often do you make your bed? Once in a blue moon?  Or when I’m expecting a friend to come over and I don’t want to look like a slob.
  8. Do you plan meals? If so, how far in advance?  Last week I rocked at planning my meals and managed to bring food to the office everyday.  Sadly that is a rarity, I imagine I’ll be back on a spontaneous eating kick very soon as work picks up.
  9. Do you wake up at the same time everyday? Heck no, it really depends on when I get to bed and what time I have to get to the office.
  10. How often do you brush your teeth? In the morning and at night, are you supposed to do it more frequently than that?

Now it is your turn, tell me about your habits! If you’d like to share with the world, write your own responses and post your link on All The Weigh.


About Michelle

I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. I’m intrigued by you people who don’t watch Television Lol. How do you manage or is it because you are in grad school that you don’t watch TV?

  2. Sounds like you’re living a pretty crazy life right now! Hope you find that ‘me’ time somewhere in there. Found you from Friend Making Monday, I like your blog!

  3. Came by from FMM. It’s all about perspective, maybe your graduate career is time for you! I feel like almost everything I do is for me, but reading other answers, lots of people said just things like getting their nails done or working out, but it seems like grad school is a great thing to do for yourself!! Congrats! Looking forward to reading more on your blog, I like running a lot too.

    • Thanks for stopping by Carina! You’re definitely right, grad school is a time for me. I’m having a great time throughout all of the work and classes.

      And congrats on Boston! I didn’t qualify because I’m not nearly as badass as you. :)

  4. Ooh, and I ran Boston 2011 too! Can’t wait to read more!

  5. Nice to meet someone else who only makes their bed when someone might see it! :P I remember graduate school – there is not a lot of time for “you” things!

    You ran Boston? Congrats! It’s on my bucket list, but I have to get a LOT faster… working on it one run at a time!

    Dropping by from FMM.

    • Thanks for stopping by Kristine! I’m glad that other people share my feelings towards making their bed. :)

      And you know, you don’t have to get faster to run Boston, just run for a charity team like I did! Okay, it isn’t how most people want to gain entry into Boston, but it is always an option.

  6. Stopping in for FMM. Good luck with Graduate school. It took me forever and a moon to finish my Bachelors and not sure if I want to devote the time to continue my education. Maybe one day.

    • I’m thinking of graduate school as more of a vacation from working, so it is still worth it. (Check in with me after this next crazy assignment and I may say differently) Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I agree, I’m really intrigue by people that don’t watch tv. Granted, what I watch most people don’t, and if a show is really popular, chances are I won’t watch it.
    Stopping by from FMM

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