Wordless Wednesday – A vacation in photos

A brief explanation of what I did over my break.

I saw some gorgeous art at the Olympic Sculpture Park

And there was a metal penguin! (Also in Seattle)

Laura took me to try on real cowgirl hats. What do you think?

Laura almost has the wingspan of a Longhorn!

Then we saw a cattle herd! Laura wouldn't let me try to run with the bulls (she is a meanie).

We baked up a storm

And then I got to meet Harley the wonder pup (she is so big and loving!)

And by the end I had fallen madly in love with this gal

It was a fantastic vacation full of friends, fun, and plenty of relaxation.  Now that the quarter has begun things are again going to be hectic in my life, hopefully this time around I’ll learn how to budget my time more efficiently.

Hope you all had a wonderful hump day!

About Michelle

I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. Hey there! So, I’m adding a new slew of blogs to my Google Reader and yours is one of ’em :) I just wanted to say hi and look forward to checking in. I love your blog header…hilarious :)

  2. I thought you were on haitus, and thus I checked your blog randomly yesterday after you said something on twitter and you had three new posts! holla!

    What a fabulous break it looks like you had :) Come back, I’m so lazy without you here. And Cary just mopes all the time now!

  3. Also, WTF is going on with my A) face and b) hair in that picture?!

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