Getting back on the wagon

So I’m ashamed… I haven’t been talking about it lately, but I’ve fallen off the wagon. Big time.

The last time I ran more than six miles? Well that would be the day of my marathon. I’ve got two big races coming up in the next three months and I feel like I’m behind. In less than six weeks I’ll be running a half marathon and I don’t know if I’m prepared to do my best. I’m sure that I can finish without difficulty, but I may not come close to my PR.

Why haven’t I been running? I have a few million excuses for that. I’ve had a major change in my life in the past few months, going from a gainfully employed engineer and transforming into an unemployed bum (soon to be graduate student). The area around my parent’s house is not conducive for running more than three miles. I hate treadmills.

But the real reason I’ve been slacking is my own laziness. I love running, I truly do, but for some reason I’ve been horribly lazy as of late. Because I have little to do with my day I put off running until the afternoon and then I find that it is too humid outside to really enjoy a longer run. And I’m running alone these days. I used to enjoy a long run every Saturday with my group of slower ladies, but when forced to complete a long run on my own I flake out quickly.

I have less than a week and a half until I journey out west and I want need to make the best of it. I hope to start a proper daily routine in California, one where I wake up before 8am and get a run in before exploring my new home. Until then I need to throw my excuses aside and focus on my goals. Do I want to improve at my next marathon? Of course, but there is no way I will unless I start training properly. Hopefully I’ll create an effective training plan that I can follow over the next few months.

So here is to a new day, a more motivated way, and pushing myself further. Time to go make friends with that treadmill.

Have you ever found yourself off the wagon? How did you hop back on?

About Michelle

I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. UM……….I fell off the wagon and am still struggling to get back on! I have a half in two weeks that I am [trying] not to freak out about!!!!

    I know you will finish! Good luck with your training and planning. Enjoy your last week at home too!

  2. I think sometimes we just need a break. Running is hard. It’s hard phsyically, and it’s hard mentally. I know for me personally, when I fall of the running wagon, it’s because I’m over doing it – usually in some other area of my life. And even though I love it, running just creates another thing I have to do. It becomes less enjoyable and more of a chore.

    Hopefully now that you’ve had some time to relax a little with your running, and things are wrapping up moving and starting school, you won’t find it too difficult to get back on the wagon.

    • I’d really love it if the wagon would come sweep me off my feet, but it doesn’t look like that will happen any day soon. And you’re right, running was feeling a bit like a chore. I need to get it back to feeling like ahappy escape, where I enjoy it too much to live without it.

  3. I am constantly falling off or climbing back on the wagon… I’m barely ever ON the wagon. Usually I let the weather, or the holidays (Jewish, American, completely made up…), or work schedules, or ‘that time of the month’ completely derail my exercise.

    I use pictures of myself when I was thin and fit (from a very strict exercise regimen and good stint on weight watchers) to propel me out the door. I think “If I go for this run, one day I will look like that again.” Psychological warfare, maybe, but it does get me to put on my shoes and sweat a little!

    • Unfortunately I’ve been using the weather as an excuse these days (can’t wait to be out of this humid area).
      I’m interested to know what made up holidays you are using, I feel like I’ve done that in the past.
      I don’t have thin photos of myself (I’ve never been “thin”), but I use the emotions I felt after a good race as motivation. Hopefully those feelings will get me into my shoes in the weeks to come.

  4. I’ve fallen as well and JUST started running after a week and a day off. And even before that I really wasn’t doing the mileage I need to. I have Tough Mudder Norcal in 17 days (10 miles with obstacles) and then the Nike’s Women’s Marathon a month later. My longest run over the past month…9 miles. And I do NOT want to wimp out and drop down to the half at Nike…mostly because of pride but also because you can’t ‘officially’ change so my shirt (which would say FULL) will be a lie.

    I made friends with the treadmill simply because I couldn’t let the heat take away my motivation or window of opportunity. I mean, if the ONLY available time I have to run is 4pm but it’s still 105 degrees out then I can either get heat stroke, NOT run, or hope on the hamster wheel and at least get it done.

    Breaks are ok…I’ve had some of my best improvements after a week or 2 off…but the first few times back I usually have to bribe myself…run 6 miles or more and I can have a half a glass of wine…or what ever reward works at the time. You can do it!!

    • You are such a bad ass for doing the Tough Mudder. I looked into it but couldn’t convince myself to enter, too intense for me!

      I’m not a fan of heat or humidity, so I need to get rid of my other excuses and find a way to get a run in. I’m getting more accustomed to the treadmill, I think it may actually become my friend in the next few weeks.

      Thanks for your encouragement! And good luck on all your races, I’m sure you’ll rock the NWM!

  5. I definitely fall off the wagon once in awhile. I think recognizing that you’ve fallen off is the first step. Just force yourself to get out there and get a long run in. You’ll feel great afterwards.

  6. I’ve def fallen off the running wagon before. I got back into it when my husband left for Army basic training. (That’s probably not very helpful.) what can I say? I had free time on my hands!*

  7. The first step is ALWAYS ALWAYS admitting it. You have admitted you have a problem. You are in a huge transition phase in your life right now and unfortunately your running has been affected. But so what? You’re moving soon, you’ll have the opportunity to start fresh, so do it! Make those goals and complete them.

    I know for me, personally, I live better with structure and a ridgid routine. When I take time off and don’t have any responsibilities, I’m a lazy sloth. So just take this time with a grain of salt and know that soon you’ll have a routine and a schedule and to be able to run will have to be a priority because you’ll be short on time.

    The other thing I’ll say that took me a while to learn is that my running always improves the more I cross train. So if you can’t get yourself to get up and run right now, focus on cross training to keep your fitness and endurance up. And then continue cross training in CA so you can get back your running legs much faster than if you were only running.

  8. I think the best thing is to admit that you’ve fallen off the wagon! And it sounds like you have a plan of action. That’s what I usually do if I haven’t worked out in awhile!

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