Eating my way through NYC

Following a fantastic weekend in Philadelphia, I made my way to New York City with the gals (Laura and Sarah). We had a smooth train ride into the city where we met up with Laura’s friend Rachel.

First thing we did? Well we were all hungry and ready for lunner (or dinch?). To satisfy all of our food requirements I selected Darbar, an Indian restaurant near our hotel. Funny thing, apparently Laura had never tasted proper Indian food. Glad I could help her out on that front. The food was fantastic. We had quite the spread with garlic and cheese naan, mutter paneer, veggie samosas, and more.


Yesterday was filled with even more delicacies. Before setting off on our walking tour of the city, we stopped to grab an authentic New York bagel. To do it up properly I threw on lox with all the fixings. (It was necessary.) Then it was off to Central Park.






At some point in my life I’d love to live in NYC and  enjoy all the outdoor activities Central Park has to offer. Perhaps I’ll even run the New York Marathon at some point (pipe dreams). There were hundreds of people running and biking around the paths. And plenty of pedicabs begging for business. One gent asked if we wanted to rent a “sexy” bike. Since I don’t have a damn clue I’m willing to offer ten points if you can tell me what qualifies as a sexy bike!

Eventually we became sick of nature and decided to do something even more touristy – retail therapy. I can’t even begin to explain how much shopping there was on this trip, but I will note that I only purchased earrings (and food…). Since shopping made us ravenous, we hopped in to a Latin grill which served up some fantastic salads. I’m going to be adding this salad to my recipe collection, have to increase my arsenal so I can eat at home.


After dropping quite a bit of cash, we took the subway downtown to find Carrie’s stoop. I didn’t watch Sex and the City, but Sarah was excited to check it out. And since we were in the area we had to peruse Peanut Butter and Co. Want to get me a house-warming present? I’ll take a jar or seven of the Might Maple. So delicious (and it has protein so it is technically nutritious, right?).

It was another few whirlwind days, unfortunately all good things must come to an end. I’m currently on the bus back to Philadelphia and the girls are stranded at the airport waiting for their plane. Can’t express how happy I am to have met them and I’ll miss them dearly. To keep me company on the ride home I brought my computer (thank goodness for WiFi) and a Momofuku compost cookie. We’ll see how long that thing lasts…


What is your favorite restaurant or part of NYC? Where do you typically eat on vacation?

If you want to see more great photos of our trip, check out Laura and Sarah’s blogs. They were thoughtful enough to bring cameras.


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  1. Somehow my take away from this is that I want a cookie. I’m sorry.

  2. I really think T=those Momofuku cookies have crack in them. They are so addictive. Good luck trying to keep it to last! I usually devour it in minutes!. Wow, I have tons of favorite NYC restaurants. Cafe Habana, Babbo, Snack Taverna, Nobu, Molyvos, Buttermilk Channel, Craft, Rouge Tomate. I could go on forever so I think I should just stop now.

  3. I’m glad you had fun in NYC. I always tell people when they come to visit that they should expect to eat a lot. City Bakery is amazing. I love 16 handles. I usually recommend some bagel place and/or Katz’ Deli (where ‘when Harry met Sally’ was filmed.) NYC has amazing food and if you walk every where, you can at least pretend to justify it.

    • Hah, we definitely pretended to justify it with all our walking! I’m glad I don’t live in the city, I guarantee I’d be eating out more frequently because of all the amazing options.

  4. Ahhh Sex & the City style! I like it!!! :) Sounds like the perfect time! I’ve always wanted to sit on Carrie’s stoop. Hmm. I wonder if someone lives there and would kick me off… Haha yeah right!

    • There is actually a “No Trespassing” sign that is roped across the stairs. It is a private home so they ask that no one sit on the steps. We were debating doing the full Sex & the City tour, but it was 4 hours and far too pricey to actually do the complete thing.

  5. WOW! Looks good. I loved eating Conch Fritters on our Honeymoon in St. John! In NYC, I tried pizza that was awesome!

  6. Okay dearie, how is it that you’ve never watched SATC? I’m bringing my DVDs and we’re holing up in your tiny grad student apartment and getting you caught up, mmmmmmmkay? :)

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