Reading Terminal Lovin’

I’ve been in downtown Philadelphia for the past two days now and I’ve already been to Reading Terminal thrice. I think I have a problem… No, I take that back. I have a problem! But seriously, how can you not love the place?

After a fun morning demonstration by FritoLay (more info to come soon), I met up with my lovely roomies and went straight to the gym. It was fantastic to sweat off the 4th Street Cookie I had devoured the night before. Shockingly I had one of my best dreadmill runs in a while; 3.1 miles with random incline changes and I increased my speed every quarter to half mile. Hopefully that prepared me for the 5k in the morning.

Then it was off to lunch at RTM. Laura was kind enough to share a mozzarella and artichoke sandwich with me (and take photos of it).

I could honestly eat there every day and not get sick of the place. If you ever make it to Philadelphia, after you check out the Liberty Bell take the short walk over and grab something. Best chocolate covered marshmallows around.

Later we all glammed up for the cocktail party and ran through pouring rain to mingle and munch with everyone. (They held the party at RTM which is a fantastic venue.) Everyone looked fantastic and it was wonderful to meet so many new folks. Note: There will be tiara photos coming soon.

Of course the evening wouldn’t be perfect without some randomness (this is my life we’re talking about here). On the way back into the hotel I looked up to see my brother and his best friend. So odd. We chatted for a bit before some more awesomeness ensued (what happens at HLS, stays at HLS).

Going to bed at 1am was not the greatest idea for waking up at 5:45am to go running. I’ll be exhausted this afternoon, but I’m trying not to think about that. As for now, we’re off to conference!

Have you ever been to Reading Terminal? If so, what is your favorite stall? And obviously I want to know, how is your weekend going?


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I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. I haven’t been to the Reading Terminal, which I’m now wondering how that is possible given how much time I’ve spent in Philly!?!?! That sandwich looks fantastic and I am now officially hungry. My weekend? Ran 9 this morning with the goddess from Running Towards The Future :) Good stuff!

  2. Hey, if you hadn’t stayed up so late you wouldn’t have gotten a chance to meet me on Skype!

    • Very true, although I heard a rumor that you couldn’t understand what any of us were saying…

      • Haha! I caught bits and pieces, but for the most part, yeah, it was just chaos. Either way, I had an absolute blast “hanging out” with you all for a little while.

        Laura has been telling me about how awesome you are so you can probably expect me to start blog stalking you. :)

  3. I really need to go to Philly. I was there once for a day for a grad school interview at Drexel (not a fan of the school), but we had almost no time to sightsee. I can’t believe I lived in PA until I was 21 and we never bothered to go to Philly.

    • I think it is funny that I lived in PA most of my life and the first time I went to Pittsburgh was due to a work conference. The state is huge, still haven’t been to Gettysburg or most of the middle.

  4. The last time I was in Philly was about 20 years ago en route to Atlantic City with my family! {I’m from the other side of PA in Pittsburgh.} Never hear of the Reading Terminal but it looks quite fabulous and like a must see!! :-) I’ll check it out if I ever get up there!

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