Hello New Friend

After a whirlwind morning of spending far too much money, I hopped on the train and rode into Center City. If you weren’t aware, tomorrow is the beginning of the Healthy Living Summit and I’ve decided to attend. Well, it wasn’t as easy as deciding since I hadn’t initially purchased a ticket…  But one way or another I am here. Welcome to Philadelphia!

Rolling up to Market East I became reminiscent of my younger years. I won’t bore you with stories (since most aren’t appropriate), but it was nice to think about the past. That didn’t last long as I dragged my overstuffed suitcase into the hotel lobby.

Awkwardly sitting on a couch I was approached by two lovely blogger gals who obviously shockingly knew who I was. (So flattering.) It is always lovely to meet new folks who I’ve stalked on the interwebs. Eventually my lovely roommates decided to join me and we immediately ran to Reading Terminal for lunch. If you ever visit Philadelphia I suggest you take a tour of the market, it is phenomenal.

Of course I forgot to bring my camera to a blogging event, so I don’t have photos to show you the amazing turkey crepe or 4th Street Cookie. They truly are famous. Just ask Laura, I was kind enough to share with my new roomie. As if that wasn’t enough food, we stopped by the Chinese cookie factory so I could pick up some mess-ups. They are for my father. I swear! Didn’t think my luggage was heavy enough, now I’ve got three pounds of extra deliciousness.

We spent most of the afternoon wandering around the city. My feet are currently throbbing and I’ve been schooled on my blogger relations. I do believe it is time for bed. Did I mention I’ll be sleeping with a random woman this evening? Oh the life I lead…

Will I be meeting you tomorrow? If not, tell me something exciting that you are doing this weekend!


About Michelle

I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. I WISH I was going to be there :(
    but alas I’m stuck in S. FL
    maybe next year

  2. I will be running with the usual run club this weekend. There is a not-so-nice party Sat night. A BBQ at the kids school. Buying those extra few school supplies they were missing this first week. I think that’s the plan! Wish I were at the HLS, instead, though!

    • Hmm, now you have to tell me, what is a not-so-nice party? Hope you were able to get the kids packed up and shipped off for their first day of school. Bet it will be nice to get them back to a regular schedule of school and homework!

  3. Sleeping with a random woman?!

    YOU TROLLOP!! lol

    But truly, that’s the best part of blends. The feeling that they’re not random. I feel like I know YOU already, and can’t wait to don a tiara and be a rockstar w/ you.

  4. That sounds like so much fun!!! I hope to be able to take time off and travel to one of those someday. I have never been to Philly to look around – I was there one night and I got there after dark and left before sunrise (also a long story!), but I want to go back and see the sights someday!

    • You, my dear, will have to join me at Fitbloggin’ next year. Perhaps we could all room together and bring back the awesomeness that was our first meetup.

  5. I love meeting bloggers! Well, I’ve only actually ever met you, but you made it fun, so if must always be awesome, right?

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