Looking like a pro

When I returned home from the great white north, I was welcomed by a sea of packages. Isn’t it nice to be loved (or to order yourself gifts)? I ripped them open to find some great running apparel and an overpriced, but gorgeous, leather bag (yay Nordstrom Anniversary Sale).

Now back to the running apparel. Recently I took the plunge and ordered new running shoes. I couldn’t decide between models, since both felt comfortable, so I did the mature thing and bought both. Unfortunately the running store I’m loyal to did not offer either in my size, so I went to Brooks online to find them. Of course along the way I was roped into purchasing my first running skort. Buying online is becoming a bad habit for this gal, I always end up with more than I intended…

A box arrived two weeks ago with my shoes and skort, sadly the skort was defective so I had to wait for a replacement. But the shoes? They are so pretty! I know you’re not supposed to buy shoes for the color, but luckily they feel great and look awesome. The picture does not do them justice. The Ravenna comes is a neon lime color and the Adrenaline is a gorgeous purple. Since they arrived I’ve worn the Ravenna several times. I’m quite the fan (this is my third pair) and they have treating me well on my runs.

And yesterday I finally donned the running skort out on the road. I can’t give a full review as I’ve only worn it for a short period, although I must say it looked damn cute (I modeled it in front of the mirror for a while). I was nervous that the spandex shorts would ride up, but they have a thick piece of gripping plastic on the bottom of each leg to keep it on your body. So far so good. Does anyone have suggestions for other running skorts that are flattering and comfortable?

But perhaps what excited me the most was the package from Fila. You see, during a recent Twitter Chat Fila was kind enough to give away some of their new toning line. I didn’t realize it at first, but I was a lucky recipient! They sent me a Space Dye Toning Resistance Tank to enjoy. Damn is it sexy. I tried it on immediately after opening the package and found that it sucks you in and hugs your curves. The only issue I saw was the built in bra. My girls were not made to fit in these contraptions so it was a tad awkward trying it sans sports bra (I looked like a Renaissance woman with the girls popping out the top). Looking forward to taking this thing for a spin at the Healthy Living Summit this weekend.

Going for a run in the whole outfit – skort, tank, and shoes –  I felt absolutely fantastic. Sometimes looking great can make you feel great. Who knew? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t typically doll myself up to go for a run, but on occasion it is nice not to look so shlumpy.

So what is your favorite cute running apparel? What do you wear that makes you feel like a champ?

Also, who will I be meeting at HLS this weekend? I seriously need to get my act together and pack…

About Michelle

I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. Can’t wait to see that tank- I may need to get one!!!

  2. OOOOh girl, I can’t wait to see you stylin’ and profiin’. I’m going to bring my cheap ass old navy running capris and jacket that are FANTASTIC and pretend to be as stylish as you.

  3. I love, love, LOVE FIla. Most of my running clothes are made by them. Sounds like you got some great loot!

  4. Oh man…there is NOTHING I like more than packages on my doorstep. Mine are usually makeup, though.

  5. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

    I have two running skirts from Lululemon – they’re both the Run Willpower. I love them. They’re so comfy and light. I’ll bring one to HLS this weekend. I also need to pack. Tonight… I swear. It’s not like I can procrastinate much longer ;-)

    • You’ll definitely have to wear one out so I can see what they are like. If I work up the nerve to actually purchase something from Lululemon (I’m a cheapo) then I might consider one!

  6. Ooh, built in bras are my nemesis! I can’t wear anything with one because I need way more support and I’m way too large.

  7. I love my fila toning except for the bra factor since I’m big like you
    meanwhile sadly I wont be HLS :( maybe next year
    have you tried skirts from runningskirts.com ?

  8. My favorite top is from Tees by Tina because it doesn’t show sweat and the material is stretchy. Mine is grape – which is a pretty, bright purple.
    (I think you’d get more comments on your blog if the comment feature on your home page was at the end of your post, not the beginning, so people don’t have to scroll back to the top to comment.)

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