Oh Canada

After a week of wonderful rest and relaxation, I have finally returned to the good ol’ U.S. of A. I can’t say that I’m overjoyed to be home, but I had to get back to reality eventually. Although I went to a different country (if you think Canada counts) I should admit that we didn’t accomplish much (but I am up to date on True Blood!). That being said, there are a few things I’ve learned about Canada this week that I will definitely miss.

This gal loves her sushi and Japanese fare. Seriously, I could eat it every day of the week. And in Canada? Well most places offer All You Can Shove-in-your-gullet Eat menus. I’m not talking buffet style, you actually order exactly what you want and it is prepared for you. Of course this has a downside (when you feel like you want to vomit), but I try not to think about that.

Don't look at me, I've eaten too much sushi!

Think Victoria Secret is nice? Well I think La Senza makes damn sexy undergarments. I’ve heard about the company before, but had never seen or tried anything on. Unfortunately the store was closing fifteen minutes after I entered so I was only able to procure a few underoos, but I know I’ll feel sexy beautiful when I wear them. (Not that anyone else will be seeing them for a while…)

Apple Fritters will be my greasy, sweet downfall. Adeel decided to show me the local flair and took me to a flea market. Apparently the item of choice for most people were the freshly prepared apple fritters. You watch them peel, slice, and fry them into sweet perfection. I will not be telling you how many I actually consumed, let’s just say I will be doing two a days this week to get them off my hips.

And most importantly, I’m not sure if you were aware of this, but Canadians really are more polite and nice. Ask them a question on the street and they are happy to help. In stores and restaurants they bend over backwards for you. And when you’re in a hurry at the airport, they will let you get in front of a whole line to pass through security. Don’t know if I could get used to it (too much New Yorker in my blood), but it was pleasant for the week.

What exciting things can you tell me about Canada? Tell me something about your week!

A major thanks to the lovely ladies that guest posted for me while I was away! If you haven’t been to their blogs, I seriously suggest you check them out. I adore them and I bet you will too – Laura at the Odd Duck Blog, Melissa at Journey to Marvelous, and Sarah at Running on Words. I feel so behind since I haven’t had much time to read or comment on blogs, but now I have something to keep me occupied this week…

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I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. Sounds like you had a good trip! I’ve only spent a little bit of time in Canada, but I also thought that the people there were very nice.*

  2. I’m definitely singing the first two line of Oh, Canada right now (please note that I only know the first two lines). I feel that you have missed the two most important things about Canada: hockey and Degrassi. And I’m with you, super nice people give me hives. I’m way too NY Jew (my mom is from Queens).

    • Crap, now you’ve got me singing it too. Wait, I don’t even know the second line! And don’t you fret, I spent a lot of time watching Hockey on my last visit. My favorite part of the entire game? That would be the fights. Who doesn’t love seeing people rip off their gloves and knocking out some teeth?

  3. My last (oh, and only) trip to Canada was in 9th grade, at the ripe age of 14 (OMG THAT WAS NEARLY A DECADE AGO, AGE CHECK!)

    We glow-bowled, we ran out onto the roof of our hotel in our bathing suits (FREEZING but fun), and participated in their version of a “taffy pull”. Only, in Canada, “taffy” is apparently just maple syrup that has been poured, while warm, onto ice and allowed to semi-freeze before you eat it.


    • Glow-bowled? That sounds like far too much fun. And I’m upset you didn’t tell me about this taffy-pull before I left. I love maple syrup, that sounds so delicious.

  4. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

    You make Canada sound amazing… that might have a lot to do with the all you can eat sushi bit though. Love me some sushi!

    • Canada is amazing, well, when it isn’t freezing. And the sushi was phenomenal until you realize that you just downed twice your normal amount. They make you pay if you don’t finish it, so you have to!

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