Setting goals after injury – Guest Post

Hey everyone, I’m currently on vacation in Toronto for the week. While I’m away, I’ve asked some of my lovely friends to step in for me. Today you can learn more about Laura, my future Healthy Living Summit roommate and one of my favorite blogger friends. I hope you enjoy reading about her goals and have a lovely week!

Hi readers! I’m Laura from Becoming the Odd Duck!

Like Michelle, I am a runner – but I’m suffering from a hip injury that has had me sidelined from racing for months. Even before I had to stop running, I wasn’t running well from the injury. It’s been almost a year since I’ve ran without any pain or tenderness in my hip!

After months of physical therapy, prescription anti-inflammatory meds and limited exercise, I was given clearance to start exercising again at the end of June. The path to running is unfortunately not immediate. I had to begin on the elliptical, and then build my way to power walking on a treadmill. Once I have no pain or soreness while power walking, I can even attempt to run. I’m on a tight routine of heating and stretching before activity and stretching and icing after each workout. It’s basically takes a production to work out for only 15-20 minutes.

I’m very much an, “all or nothing” type of person. I thrive with deadlines and goals. Having an open-ended goal of running again, “when it felt right” wasn’t exactly successful for me. I spent most of July working out on the elliptical, but not really pushing myself too hard. At the rate I was moving with my recovery, it would be months before I ran again.

I decided last week my only goal in August was to run again. Even if I only ran once in August, I just wanted to run again. I decided to start pushing myself a little harder while working out and push myself through the soreness. Of course, if I have any pain (which I luckily haven’t) during activity – I stop. But the soreness, which was holding me back in July, is something I’m moving through now.

Setting the goal to just run again in August has been extremely inspirational to me. But the key to completely changing my recovery process has been to add a finite goal as well. You see, the Oktoberfest 5K is a race that occurs every year here in Dallas-Ft Worth. This year the race is on September 17th, and I plan to be there no matter what. Even if I have to walk the entire race (which I hope I won’t), I will. This race was the very first 5K I ran two years ago. I ran the race last year, injured, but I still ran it. I ran the exact same course again last January for a different race and even though I was still injured, I PRed my 5K record.  This race has so much history and meaning for me, and I absolutely want it to be my first 5K post injury.

With these two new goals, I was able to push myself to complete a solo spin session last week. It was my first time on a spin bike since April and it was amazing. Spinning is something I previously wasn’t planning on doing until I could run again – but I did it, worked through the soreness, and was fine the next day.

I’m planning to keep pushing, run at least once before the end of August and hopefully run part of the Oktoberfest race. I know I may not be able to run the entire thing and I’m okay with that. But as long as I can run part of it, it will be the best race day I’ve had in quite a long time.

Having a goal and a race has always been the key motivator for me in my running career. What are your motivators when it comes to your health and your fitness?

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I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. Good luck with your race! I’ve had a nagging hip injury since April and it is so frustrating! I stay motivated by scheduling races and realizing how I awful I feel when I’m not exercising.

    • hip injuries are SO frustrating. I feel like my hip hurts all the time and there are so many activities that are “restricted” from the injury. It’s hard, but I’m glad to hear your motivation to help me through :)

  2. honestly? my motivation is to get my jewish flat ass a boost right now.

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