Lazy Days

Last Thursday I officially left Ohio. I packed up my car and three of my guy friends and I set off for Charlotte, NC. Two of our old coworkers migrated to NC to start a new, less wintery life and I wanted to see them before I make my cross country journey. What have we done here? Very little… Not that there is anything wrong with that, but waking up after 9am is not my cup of tea. Each day we’ve lazed around, eaten out, and drank to our hearts delight. (These people love their beer.)

My body feels drained. Who knew that sleeping in and being inactive could make you feel so blah. I honestly never thought I’d say this, but I miss being productive. I want to feel like I’ve accomplished something with my day. And did I mention I need to stop going out to restaurants? Yes, we’ve eaten at some fantastic places. Smores french toast? Don’t mind if I do. But the last time I saw a piece of fruit it was in the compote for my oatmeal pancake.

This girl is greatly looking forward to trekking back to my parents house and going for a run. Today we’ll caravan back towards West Virginia where I split off toward Pittsburgh. It will be another day of “vacation” before I reach my homestead and I’ll have a lot of running to make up for all this excessive living.

For the next month I’ll be a gypsy, wandering from place to place before I make the big move. Know of something exciting to do on the east coast? Let me know, I’ll be free. But hopefully it will incorporate some running or exercise so this runner doesn’t become a lazy bum.


About Michelle

I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. Hmm, I always wanted to go to the Franklin Institute, but I was only in Philly for a day and couldn’t make it.

    • To be honest, I’ve lived in Philly most of my life and I’m not even sure if I’ve made it to the Franklin Institute. I may have to make a trip in your honor.

  2. When I have nothing going on in between semesters, it literally makes me insane. While I enjoy laying around reading, relaxing, bumming for a day or two – after that it seriously starts to play with my mind. I’m just not someone that can sit still or do nothing.

    I totally feel ya!!!

    PS SO EXCITED about HLS!

  3. Happy and safe travels! I will thinking of you and following up on your adventures! :)

  4. Lazing around makes me feel blah, too! I slept in yesterday morning and then barely got anything done all day…I’m with you on the productivity thing!

    I hope you’re enjoying being unemployed and having fun before the big move!

    • Sleeping in one day of the week isn’t bad, but I’m pretty sure I slept in four days last week! This week I vow to be more productive (we’ll see how that goes).


    • That sounds fantastic, I may have to try that one out. I’ll be spending some time in New York (not sure when), perhaps I could run the bridge after I get my cookie from Baked. :)

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