SPIbelt {Review & Giveaway}

What should I carry while out for a run? That is a pretty tough question. In the past I’ve had serious difficulty carrying gels, keys, ID, or anything else I’d like while running. My tights and shorts only have space for my keys, but on my longer runs I’ve had to be more creative with my fuel and other equipment.

When I ran one of my half marathons I put my food into a plastic bag and stuffed it down my pants. Not pretty. Let’s not talk about how it slid down in the middle of the race and I had to fish it out… For my marathon I went with a different method, I pinned my GUs to the waist band of my tights. Not only was it tough to remove the gel and open it with ease, but it was schmeared all over the side of my tights. Sticky mess.

I’d seen people running with a SPIbelt, but never took the time to investigate. I figured my carrying methods were good enough, so what if I couldn’t bring important items with me? And then I realized my foolishness, I don’t want to puncture holes in my fancy new running shorts and no more baggies getting intimate with me.

Since I’ll be running longer distances and will need at least four gels, I opted for the Energy Belt. You can carry up to six gels in the elastic bands on the belt and the pouch will easily carry a cell phone, keys, ID, cash and other small items.

For my first expedition with the SPIbelt, I carried my keys, ID, and cell phone. Strapping the SPIbelt on my hips, I started off for my run. A mile in I became nervous that my items had fallen off, I couldn’t feel anything! Of course it was still strapped safely to my body, but it was so secure I didn’t know it was there.

My second run with my belt I comfortably slid a GU into the side band and carried my ID, credit card, and keys. Best part about the belt? It doesn’t slide. Once that thing was strapped to my body, it didn’t ride up to my waist or fall down my thighs.

Wait, I lied. The best thing about the belt is that it coordinates so well with my clothing. I didn’t plan this out, I swear! But who doesn’t love pink? And yes, the nails just happen to match as well… (Please disregard my shoddy photography, I have shakey-hand syndrome when it comes to taking photos.)

The Verdict: SPIbelt is the perfect choice to carry gear while running. Heck, I’m sure it would be great for walking, biking, hiking, or any other outdoor activity where you need to carry equipment. Now I won’t have to worry about cramming my keys and ID into a small pocket, everything will fit comfortably in my pink belt.

And now for the giveaway:
Because SPIbelt is such an awesome company they are giving one lucky reader a SPIbelt of their choice. Check out SPIbelt for the different options (the original comes in 34 different colors!).

Now here is how the giveaway works:
Think about what you currently carry and what you’d like to carry while running. Then post a comment letting me (and the world) know what items you’d carry in your SPIbelt. (Points for creativity)

Want an extra entry into the giveaway? Well here are a few options:
1. Follow SPIbelt on Twitter
2. Like SPIbelt on Facebook (Be the 5,000th fan and you’ll win a free SPIbelt!)
3. Post a tweet about this giveaway, please include @RunningJewess and @SPIBELT

Leave an additional comment for each extra entry.

The giveaway will be closing at noon EST on Monday, July 25th, 2011.

Note: Open to US and Canadian entries only. The giveaway I received and the items I am distributing have been provided by SPIbelt.  The opinion expressed in this post is solely my own.

About Michelle

I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. I would use the belt for my phone, keys, id…and anything else I decide I need…like S-Caps for long runs!

  2. liked SpiBelt on FB!

  3. already followed them on twitter :) (yes, I really do want/need a SpiBelt!)

  4. oh, and i tweeted about it :) @PhDStrides

  5. I would like to carry my Gu, PowerBr energy bites and a cell phone just in case. It might also be cool to carry some wet wipes as well. I liked ya on Facebook and twitter

  6. Hello! While training for a marathon, I’d carry my key, Gu, $10 bill (for emergencies or ice cream), bandaids, kleenex, and my phone. On the way home, I often stop at a convenience store to get the $3 in quarters I need for laundry, so those would fit nicely in there, too. ;)

  7. I liked SPIBelt on Facebook, too!

  8. I would definitely carry my cell phone. Being pregnant, I am even more conscious about safety when running and it is important that my husband or someone could come and help me if something were to happen. I would also carry a small bag of peanuts or salty snack. With the heat wave, I need quick salt replacement when I start feeling weak. I might also carry my pepper spray…safety first! :)

  9. Following @SPIbelt on Twitter!

  10. Liked SPIbelt on facebook! (#4,937!)

  11. If I had one of these, I could finally carry things on my run. I carry NOTHING right now, that’s right, I said NOTHING! I run in the backwoods of…well, wherever I am, and I run into a lot of crazy stuff (i.e. scary dudes, tarantulas, scorpions, copperheads, deer, dogs and moose so far – I might mention not all in the same place ;) In reality I should be minimally carrying my phone, if not pepper spray or a 9mm – this would finally allow me to get started on that list and at least carry one of the above!

  12. I would carry ID, phone and keys comfortably!


    That didn’t automatically work? Crap.

    Okay, when I run, I carry my iPhone, muni (bus) card, credit card, $20, and an ID, in case something happens to me or I get injured/stranded and need to take a taxi. My phone is for music. Plus a water bottle and possibly some chocolate outrage GU. Yum. So I could use one of these :) I have a small personal item TYPE of belt and it slides everyyywherrre. I can’t run 0.1 mile without moving it!

  14. Just tweeted my winning Spibelt message

  15. tweeted yo.

    pick me pick me pick me!

    okay now i’ve probably ruined my chances. darn giveaway karma.

  16. I don’t leave home without my SPIbelt. It carries my money, car/room key and bat phone. I actually have a story about a run that went bad (saved by my SPIbelt over on my blog @ http://www.werrunners.com – search for SPIbelt!


  17. Hmm, truthfully, I’d carry gels, salt pills and my phone. And TP. Last race, there was no TP and I was skeezed out.

  18. I’m following SPIBELT on Twitter!!

  19. I would carry my id, GU, chapstick, a little cash (in case I decide to stop in the middle of a race for coffee) and travel wipes/toilet paper because it is better to have it and not need it than to not have it and need it.

  20. i follow spibelt on twitter @erica_h (and they are also giving away a free spibelt to the 1000th twitter follower)

  21. i liked SPIbelt on fb

  22. I’d carry my phone, a small water bottle, chapstick, some knee pads for when I fall, and some ibuprofen. I just joined the “Graceful Runners” club the other day when my ankle rolled and I landed on my knees!

  23. I would carry water… no honestly.. Right now I carry all of my stuff in my hands so this would free up my hands to carry water!

  24. I would love the Spibelt to carry my key, phone, and inhaler on my long runs. Plus it would be great to have a place to hold the gels!

  25. I like SPIbelt on Facebook!

  26. I follow SPIbelt on Twitter!

  27. I would carry my car key, Lara bar, my cell phone, and maybe some mace and a whistle.

  28. I like SPIbelt on Facebook

  29. I am following on twitter

  30. I tweeted about the giveaway

  31. I would carry my drivers license, keys, hard candy, and small juggling balls.

  32. I am following @SPIbelt on Twitter.

  33. I liked SPIbelt’s Facebook page, though I wasn’t the 5,000th like. :(

  34. I tweeted about this contest @longhornisme

  35. I need a spibelt for shorter runs, that I dont really need water for, but need my cell phone for…and lip gloss!

  36. I follow them on twitter!

  37. I follow them on facebook….

  38. I’d carry my keys, ID, credit card, cell phone and burt bees chapstick. Maybe something gum and ibuprofen.

  39. I follow them on twitter

  40. I like them on facebook

  41. I posted about the giveaway on twitter

  42. If I had a SPIbelt I would carry my iphone, Gu, chapstick, a bandaid, debit card, and bobby pins. I hate having my bangs in my face when I run!

  43. I tweeted about the giveaway! @jessicavogel

  44. I liked SPIbelt on Facebook, but sadly I was 15 too late to be #5000. :(

  45. I really want the black one with purple – to match most of my workout gear. I’d carry my car key (that I always take off all the other annoying keys), ID and cell phone. Nothing too fancy.. but it’d make running a hell of a lot more enjoyable not having to carry all of that in my hand.

  46. I would carry glide on, camera, phone, keys, id/credit card, gu blocks, nuun tablets and whatever else I can think of! Your guys’ product seems really cool! I am excited to try it out! Definitely watching your feed on FB!

  47. How awesome!! I so need this! I follow SPIbelt on twitter

  48. If I won the SPIbelt, i would carry chapstick, ID, and home made Lara (like) bars!

  49. Io have bad allergies in the summer and try to carry tissue. It ends up getting sweaty and gross. It’s not too easy to blow your nose into a wet tissue :) I would LOVE a SPIbelt to carry tissue, my phone and gu as I train for my first half!

  50. Just starting to get into my longer runs, but I’d definitely carry my keys, phone, id, and gels to help me get further along.

  51. I’m a fan of spibelt on FB!

  52. So, I am trying to run farther. I’m currently up to 45 minutes…attempting 51 minutes this weekend. Newbie in desparate need of “proper” gear. I have to carry some gu, ID, keys, phone…and I should carry some pepper spray with me as well, since coyotes have been seen wandering around our non-desolate area lately. Unfortuantely, they are not scared by the music occassionally coming from my phone, and the glean of the key doesnt seem to deter them either. Problem is, I need to run at night! Not only is the heat and humidity of Florida a killer otherwise, but once the kids go down to sleep, its finally “me” time….so night is the only option. Now, if only the coyotes would visit some vermins living nearby!

  53. Gels, lip balm, library books I need to return…whatever will fit!

  54. I’ve only recently started carrying GUs in a pocket on my water bottle, but with a spit belt I could carry them when I don’t need the water! Not to mention keys and ID.

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