Leaving on a jet plane

Or attempting to. That is how I spent my Friday afternoon, six hours meandering around the airport hoping to return to Columbus. Unfortunately the weather gods had something else in store for me, my flight and a dozen others were cancelled and I was rebooked for two days later. I have miserable luck with flights, but for once I have managed to remain in good spirits. Fortunately, my father was able to quickly snatch me back up.  Try again tomorrow morning (wish me luck).

As for today, I had to scrap all of my Columbus plans. No bike riding or taco eating, no birthday celebration for a friend, and most certainly no one mile time trial. Oh well. Instead I get to spend time with my new little brother and sister. Today Layla, the rescue poodle, came to live with my parents. She has already managed to give us one little scare, but I’m hoping she can learn to live happily with Mardi (and the folks).

This promises to be a big week for me. I have to submit my letter of resignation on Monday, finish selling my furniture, and plan for my karaoke send off. I’m nervous about this next chapter of my life and I’m trying to keep in mind that I have to take it one day at a time. I must start looking forward to the here and now, stop fixating on the future. (Anyone know I can do that? I’m at a loss…)

What songs would you sing at karaoke? Anyone have a template for my letter of resignation? A friend suggested I go with, “Yo homes, smell ya later!” but I’m not sure if that is appropriate.  :c)

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I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. My vote is for yo homes smell ya layer! I just wrote my letter of res. this morning. I found some good templates using a google search.

    Interesting fact: I’m scared to death of poodles! Especially the big ones!!!

    • Hmm, I think I’ll google it as well. I’m thinking short and sweet, something that really gets the point across that “it’s been real, peace out.”

      What?! The big poodles are so much calmer and kinder, the small ones are the yippy more energetic ones. I’ll try not to be too offended. If you’d like, you can meet Mardi and Layla when you are in town for HLS. They’d love to make a new friend. :c)

      • Eek! Just thinking about being in the same room as a poodle scares the crap out of me!!

        One time I was at a stoplight and I looked over and there was this GIGANTIC poodle in the back seat of a car staring right at me. I swear it had murder in it’s eyes. It didn’t take it’s eyes off of me the whole time. And I swear it was as big as a horse! I’ve been terrified of them ever since!

  2. I vote yes on “yo homes, smell ya later.” Seriously, who wouldn’t appreciate that!?

    I can’t do Turtle Thursday this week because it is my anniversary, but I already have 7/21 in my calendar!

    • I went with something slightly more formal, but I think my boss got the gist. :)

      Happy Anniversary! I’m not sure if I’ll be there on the 21st, it is my birthday and my plan was to chow down on something yummy at that time. Though a run may be a better idea, I’ll let you know!

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