Motivation, wherefore art thou?

I think I’ve lost it. Motivation to get up and do much of anything. Don’t get me wrong, I folded a batch of laundry, my sheets are currently in the dryer, and I’ve cleaned out a shelving unit (just in case my coworker comes back to purchase it, I hope she does). But I need to get up and go outside. Or do a workout video. I need to get my body moving so I can burn off every ounce of unhealthy that I consume this weekend.

For some reason Sundays have this effect on me. Last week I went out with the boys and, although we walked around a bit, I didn’t do any sort of regimented workout. Fortunately I was able to muster up the motivation to work out come Monday, but Sunday was a wash. Now there are some other reasons associated with today’s lack of desire to move, (Adeel left, our big brunch this morning, stress over moving, etc.) but they are just excuses. And boy am I full of them at the moment.

Sigh. Where is my dinosaur when I truly need him?!

Do you know how I feel? How do you overcome a case of the lazy Sundays?

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I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. RAWR!

    *chases you*

    You’ll push through this. Because if you don’t, you won’t get a special reward I have for you.

    • Special reward? I hope you realize my ears perked up when I read that. I plan (read: pray) to actually do something tonight. I’ll let you know how that goes…

  2. If the dinosaur runs faster than a 12 minute mile, I might be in trouble. The weather isn’t awful, go do something fun (or do what I do and just make Sunday your official rest day)!

    • I think that really depends on the type of dino. See, tyrannosaurus seem to be a bit clunky and might have difficulty in a chase but raptors? Stay away from them, they are quick SOBs!

  3. Okay, I’m new to your blog, and I can totally relate. Sunday is like the day of sloth for me. I had to make it my long run day because Saturday’s are too busy and working during the week and being a mom kind of cramps my running career (ha!) Monday through Friday. So I usually wait until around 8 or 9 o’clock Sunday night and just hit the treadmill while I watch whatever trash is on T.V. That’s the only way I can motivate myself to get it done.

    • Sunday really is becoming a day of sloth. Slept in, had a huge brunch, short nap, somehow I’ve become miserably lazy these days! I hope you have a great long run tonight. I don’t know how you can manage to do it on your dreadmill, but good for you!

  4. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

    I definitely ate my face off this weekend and didn’t work out at all. I’m ready to get back to it tomorrow. I hope you found the motivation today, but if you didn’t there’s always tomorrow :)

    • And the next day, and the next day… (There was molten chocolate cake, it might take a while to work that off!) I really need to get back on my training schedule, back in the day I ran five times a week without hesitancy. Congrats on an awesome run commute this week! Looks like you are right on track for your half marathon. :)

  5. For me, its never just a case of lazy Sundays…more like lazy every-day-of-the-week. But if I’m just gonna talk about Sundays I would suggest you find something that you like to do that isn’t available every other day. Or something special for Sundays. I go to a Zumba class on Sundays at 24 hour fitness. They have these classes everyday BUT this particular instructor is the bomb!!!…and he only teaches one class and its on Sunday. So that’s my motivation. Is there anything special you could do on Sundays that you would look forward to?

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