Celebrating Pride

This weekend my friends and I checked out the Columbus Pride Fest. According to their website, this festival is one of the top ten in the entire country (who knew?). There were a whole host of activities, so it kept me very occupied and out and about (marking off one of my “should do” items).

On Friday night my Jew crew and I wandered through the park. Sadly we were a bit late and were only able to see a few vendors. Other than being mildly terrified by fair foods (porktato fries, yeah, these things exist), there was a fairy wheel and numerous other vendors. And then Saturday was the main event, the Pride Parade. There were some fantastic floats, plenty of drag queens, and some great looking topless men (I had to ogle). Lady Gaga even made an appearance! I’m now the proud owner of a few too many condoms (safety first), quite a few flyers, and a pink bag that I earned by dancing in the streets. Supposedly there is video of this, but no one will ever be witnessing it!

Did I mention that my parents have a white standard poodle? I don’t know what I’d do if my mother were to dye our pup like this…

After the parade a friend and I escaped to a local craft beverage fest to enjoy some aperitifs. A local massage shop was giving out free 10 minute chair massages, couldn’t say no to that! The evening ended with drinks and dancing at a gay club downtown. Oddly enough, only the straight people in the room were dancing (but damn we looked good).

Sunday they held a drag queen softball game (Bat-n-Rouge), man am I sad I forgot my camera.  Never have I seen so many outlandish creative costumes. They really put on quite a show. I loved the Princesses of York with their crazy hats, their mother the Duchess of York even came out for the game. My shorts are a tad muddy from watching in the outfield, but it was a great time.

If there is one thing (other than the brunch and people) that I’ll miss about Columbus, it is their fantastic festivals. They are never ending. This weekend is Comfest which will have a larger turnout and may turn into a hippie love fest crazy weekend getaway.

What local festivals do you enjoy the most? And what is the craziest fair food you’ve ever seen (or consumed)?

Now to leave you with some Tuesday cuteness, another adorable and colorful pup!


About Michelle

I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. Wow, now I really wish I had gone to Pride! I’ve still never been to Comfest (I’ve lived here for four years). Is it a can’t miss.

    • Pride was a ton of fun. Comfest is awesome too! I don’t know if it is a can’t miss, but I’d check it out if you have the time. It is always fun to see the crazies that come out and dress up (or dress down…).

  2. Michelle my dear, you haven’t seen a Pride Parade until you’ve been to San Francisco’s!! LOL!! Just you wait…;)

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