I can run fast?

I must admit I had another post written and ready for today, but then I realized how amazing speed training was last night. And that, folks, is worth bragging about.

When I walked out of the office, clad in my Nike running shorts and short sleeve tech tee, I was shocked at how cool it was outside. I knew it was going to be much easier to run in compared with last weeks 92° weather. Arriving at the track, I talked with coach and she mentioned that the dew point was 54° which meant that it was perfect running weather. And it meant that we’d be running 400m sprints. For some individuals 400m sprints (1/4 mile) are chump change. Not for this girl. I was very nervous to do so many.

After the first, bent over and out of breath, I declared that I wouldn’t be able to maintain that speed for five more repetitions. Of course the other folks (all much faster) told me to stop being a naysayer and to give it a shot. So I did. And it hurt. The next 400m I thought I had slowed down immensely. As I neared the finish line I heard coach screaming out the time. Wait, I’m going faster? That didn’t seem logical. Yet somehow I finished four seconds faster on the second lap.

The rest followed the same pattern. All seven sprints were faster than I had expected to run and the last six were all seconds faster than the first. I have no idea how I pulled out the strength to do it, but man it felt good! (After I caught my breath…) I’m still on a runners high!

Also, I’ve decided to register for Karen and Richard’s Really Big Free Marathon. I just heard about it, but any excuse to go to Vegas for the weekend is a good one. And, better yet, the race is free! So who is with me? I know plenty of you can conquer a half marathon, come join me! Melissa, I’m looking at you. You may not know it yet, but you may get dragged into doing this with me.  :)

Tell me about your recent accomplishments this week. When have you pushed your body farther than you thought it could go?

About Michelle

I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. you go girl! That’s amazing to be doing faster splits on 400s, I find 400s to be the hardest intervals of all because you feel like you should sprint but it’s just long enough where you cant…

    That marathon sounds awesome! !m going to try to make it out to the urban running summit in Dec in Vegas! Yey vegas! :)

    • I completely agree! I have difficulty figuring out how fast I should sprint to the 200m mark so I have the energy to “sprint” the last 200m. Although I think 800m sprints would be worse, I hope coach never makes us do them (I might pass out).

      It took me a moment to realize that the free marathon isn’t until 2012, I figure that is plenty of time to figure out if I can make it there or not. I was considering going to the running summit, but I’m doing a marathon in California the same weekend. Are you planning to do the Rock ‘n’ Roll while you are out there?

  2. Holy snap, lightning!

    That’s phenomenal! I’m proud of you. :D I don’t think I could run that even if I were being chased!

    I now know who I want on my team to out run the zombies… :-)


    • I think you’re going to need to start training. If I’m on your team to out run the zombies and you aren’t prepared, then I’ll be in front of the pack and safe. I don’t know about your fate… :)

  3. Wow, way to go! A 1/4 mile sprint sounds beastly to me! I love when everything comes together and you feel wonderful about running. =)

    • A 1/4 of a mile really is beastly! Although when I first started speed training, 200m was pretty tough. Apparently practice helps you improve. Who knew? :)

      Hope your runs have been stress and pain free these days. Thank goodness the humidity has settled down in our area!

  4. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

    Nice job on the sprints!! It’s pretty amazing what we can do when we just believe in ourselves :) Having a coach makes it so much easier to push through on the hard track work. I’m glad you had such a good work out!!

  5. Good for you for signing up for another race!! But me….? No way, no how lady. LOL. I may do another half sometime, but I really have zero desire to do a full marathon. I’ll be cheering for you though! And good work on your speed workout!

    • Oh don’t worry, I was keeping you in mind and I only registered for the half marathon. Now you have no excuse! It is a year away, I’ll help you train. :)

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