And the winners are…

This afternoon I selected the two wonderful winners of my Coach’s Oats giveaway (with the help of  And they are…

Congratulations to Melissa and Carly. Please send me an e-mail or DM with your address! Thanks to everyone who entered, I am in the works for my next giveaway so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to win something grand.  :)

On another note, guess who is, err, uhm, a hypocrite? Well, maybe I’m just having a tough time changing my habits. Yesterday, on my fancy list, I wrote that I need to stop eating late at night. Then what did I do? Well, last night I was invited to dine at Buca di Beppo by the General Manager (who I met at a bar on Saturday, yeah, don’t ask). I don’t typically dine at chain (family style) restaurants, but I thought I’d give it a shot. I arrived on time at 8pm and the host rudely asked me what my business was with the GM. Boy did his attitude change when he realized I was his dinner companion.

Since the restaurant was so busy, he ushered me out of Buca and down the street to the fanciest Italian restaurant in town. What, how did that work?! We didn’t start our meal until 9:17pm with martinis. Yes, what a great appetizer. Then I had a phenomenal lamb pappardelle, so darn good. Fortunately I played the girl card and only took a few small bites. (I don’t eat well in front of new people, but that is another story.) Surprisingly, even though I hadn’t eaten after my workout, I wasn’t starving. We parted ways at 11pm and I journeyed home with my lunch leftovers. Theoretically I ate more than two hours before bed, since I fell asleep at midnight, but I must break this eating late habit! Tonight I’m making a delicious chicken recipe that Kenlie directed me to. And I’ll be doing it before seven thirty!

So, be honest, what is your take on chain restaurants? And when is your typical dinner time?


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I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. For me it depends on the chain. I tend to go to more local chains with national chains mixed in. But as a whole I prefer the mom and pop shop. As to my typical dinner time…I don’t really have one. When I’m working nights I tend to eat as soon as I get off of work which is 7am and then I go to be between 10 and 11am. If I’m working days I get off of work at 7pm and I’ll eat dinner anywhere from 8-10pm depending on my mood and If I have to cook. I plan on cooking the chicken that Kenlie posted about to…all the ingredients are on my grocery list. It will be my new recipe for this week. Please take pictures!!

    • Working until 7am? That sounds brutal. I’m amazed that you can manage to work those hours!

      As for the chicken, it was amazing. I can’t believe it came out of my kitchen! I used asparagus because I didn’t have broccoli and it came out beautifully. Unfortunately I didn’t get photos since I was rushing to make it and eat at a decent hour. My only suggestion, pound the chicken so it is evenly thin. I didn’t manage to and one was tough to roll up. Let me know how it turns out for you!

  2. Hooray for winning the giveaway! Thanks Michelle!
    I usually try to eat dinner on the early side, around 7, but it doesn’t always work out that way! Sounds like a nice dinner you had. :)

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