Monkeying Around

It was absolutely gorgeous out yesterday afternoon so, after a ridiculously tough P90X workout, I dragged my friend out to dinner. We sat on the patio at a fabulous Indian restaurant in the area, enjoyed the weather, and devoured the food (it is that good). I told  myself at the beginning of the meal that I was going to eat half and take the remainder home for today’s lunch. It took some self control, but I managed to stop myself and now I’ll have a hefty lunch. And ya know what, I was perfectly satiated with that.

After dinner we decided it was too gorgeous to return home. We walked around the area, taking in the sun (at 9pm, how is it out that late?!). There is a new frozen yogurt joint that just opened, we perused inside, tasted a few flavors, and I left happy with the three small samples I tried. I had no desire to consume more, which was odd seeing how I love dessert a bit too much.

As we were nearing my friend’s car, I realized nothing would be better than to play on the jungle gym. We climbed up the random “stairs” and I slid down an enclosed, twisting slide. (I only got stuck a teensy bit.) Of course I wanted to be hard core, so I decided to climb up a slide. Boy was that a nice little workout. There were monkey bars, not the typical straight set, but a circular arrangement. Trying to swing from one rung to the next I realized that my upper body strength isn’t remotely close to what it was in my youth. Wow. I’ll have to get back to my pull up bar and try to remedy that.

And before we left I had the great idea to try the even narrower enclosed and twisting slide. Foolish me. Tucking my knees into my chest, I scooched down to the bottom. It wasn’t pretty. My dismount was not at all graceful, I managed to hit my head a few times on the edge before righting myself. Then I felt it, the twinge of pain running up my back into my neck. Oh crap, what have I done? My simple, childish fun has led me to injury. Turning my neck to the right? I won’t be doing that for a few days. Sleeping was a chore, I couldn’t fall asleep and I woke up several times throughout the night due to the pain. I’m not sure what I’ve done, but I hope it will simply disappear in the next few days (or hours). Did I mention it really ruined my push-ups this morning? What is a girl to do?

How do you do it? Enjoy the gorgeous weather that is. Not injure yourself. Hopefully we can all learn from my foolish adventures and avoid unnecessary injury.


About Michelle

I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. mm I love frozen yogurt..that is how I am enjoying the eating a TON of it!

    • I think I might have to join you pretty soon! They had some amazing flavors (snickerdoodle? yes please), but I know I’ll go overboard since it is a self serve place…

  2. Playing on the jungle gym sounds like fun but Yikes! I hope your neck is feeling better!

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