Attune Foods {Review}

This morning my mother went in to surgery to get her cochlear implant. It was nerve wracking, but I’m happy to say that the surgery was completed successfully. We won’t know how effective the device is for several weeks, but I’m glad that she was able to start her journey.

In other news, I recently received two wonderful surprise packages. I only mentioned one, but the next day I arrived home to yet another lovely package on my stoop. It made my day and I was very excited to try what was inside…

Annelies from Attune Foods sent me graham crackers and mint chocolate probiotic bars! I really wanted to dive in to both, but I knew I would be going out soon so I needed to hold back. My first taste? I decided to sample the grahams with some organic peanut butter and chocolate. Not the greatest photo, but it was fantastic. You have to understand, I have an odd addiction to graham crackers. In college my roommate and I would make smores over our gas stove (I was the chocolater because she didn’t trust me with fire…) and that set off a graham eating habit that I just can’t quit.

After that first taste I’ve consumed quite a few of the grahams at random intervals. Hungry for a quick snack? I’ll nibble on a square. Need something to tide me over until I go out to dinner? Well, let’s try another square. Hmm, somehow I’ve consumed a third of the box. Wonder how that happened! I’m not sure I’ll be making smores with them, but I see a peanut butter-banana-chocolate treat in my future.

Then today I brought the mint chocolate probiotic bar with me to work. I decided to hold off on it until the afternoon. There were several times I had to remind my body that I wasn’t actually hungry, I was just eager to try the bar. And then I did. And it was glorious. I love mint, I love chocolate, I love this bar. It is as if an Andes chocolate and thin mint cookie got together and made babies. Healthy, good for you babies. I had to slow myself down and try not to consume it all so quickly. I felt almost guilty eating it, but supposedly it only contains 90 calories so it should be a healthy snack choice.

The Verdict: Attune products are absolutely scrumptious. I will definitely be loading up on more, next I want to try their maple granola and maybe another flavor of the probiotic bar. I definitely recommend that you go out to your local store and grab some for yourself!

Tell me: Have you tried Attune’s products? I know their Uncle Sam cereal was popular with the Fitbloggin group. I’d love to hear what you have to say about their other options.

Note: I received the Attune products to review at no cost to myself. The opinion expressed in this post is solely my own.


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I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. I’ve heard good things about their products from the fitblog group as well. I’d like to try their mint probiotic bar! Sounds delish!

    • I definitely suggest trying the probiotic bars, but don’t buy too many at once. They are so good you might not be safe from their deliciousness!

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