Thirsty Thursday

No, not the alcoholic type. I’m going to be chugging water for the next few days. Yesterday, after a hard speed training workout, I was horribly dehydrated. I managed to contract a miserable headache and I swore I’d drink more today. Well, after a long day of usability testing, I didn’t manage to consume nearly enough. See, when I’m testing, I drink less so I don’t ever have to use the bathroom during a session. Please, do me a favor, learn from my mistakes and make sure to hydrate in this summer heat. It is necessary!

After I completed my last usability test for my current job (at least I hope it was my last), I actually made it to Turtle Thursday. I haven’t been in weeks due to marathon training and the odd bit of socializing. Was great to get out with the ladies again. The whole purpose of Turtle Thursday is to take it slow and steady, well that wasn’t in the cards for tonight. Daisy, the bluetick coonhound (seen in her laziest photo ever), decided that tonight I’d be running fast. She set a difficult pace and our second mile was quick! I couldn’t keep up on the third, I slowed down and tried to set a more comfortable pace. As I finished the third mile it took a serious mental push to keep me going…

I’ve read recently about a lot of newer runners who have been struggling on their runs and I was considering that while having my own issues. When you are having a tough time, remember how awesome you are for getting out in the first place. You’re doing it! I kept reminding myself that I’ve run four miles too many times to count. Four miles I can do, just keep pushing. I may have slowed down for a quarter mile, but I didn’t stop. My average pace at the finish was exactly where I had hoped it’d be and I felt fantastic. Another very important note, smile. At everyone. Regardless of how you feel or how they look, give them a smile or a wave, you never know how you might improve their run day. And it is a bit selfish, all that smiling will undoubtedly make you feel better about your own run.

My wonderful run was complimented with the most delicious black bean and rice burger. I scarfed the entire thing down. It is healthy, right? Then I came home to a very exciting surprise…

At first I was confused why my mat had been moved, but then I realized why. The UPS driver likes to hide things under it so my neighbors don’t try to steal my packages. So exciting! I opened it up and boy was I surprised, such an amazing gift. I’ll keep the contents hidden for a few days, keep the suspense up and all (and I need time to actually try the contents).

I wanna know: How do you motivate yourself to push through when you are struggling? And what exciting surprises have you gotten lately?


About Michelle

I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. How dare you keep the contents secret?! Boo!

  2. Can’t wait to see what the surprise package contains! I’m glad you had a good run. :)

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