Mood Modification Necessary

Today started off with a bang, but not necessarily a positive one. As overjoyed as I was to return to Ohio from a wonderful, whirlwind weekend away, I was not ecstatic about the prospect of moderating ten usability tests. My coworker was kind enough to throw me under the bus last week, informing me (in front of a large group) that I would be completing all of the tests myself. Needless to say, I went into work with a negative outlook and a grimace on my face.

I’ve been trying to be more positive about my current situation, understanding that I need to be a model employee before I leave (in 55 days), but some days I just can’t plaster a smile onto this silly mug o’ mine. After eight hours of constant user testing, I was absolutely beat. I came home exhausted and forced myself to complete a P90X workout, I swear it is an instant mood maker. As the sweat fell of my face (and onto my carpet…) I saw my mood lifting into something more positive. Thank goodness.

I attended a lovely, healthy dinner at a friend’s and purchased some gorgeous new earrings (for less than $10, win!). I’m groggy, with a dreadful headache and a few too many bug bites, but I think I’ve come to some realizations. I need to enter each day with a more positive disposition. No, I don’t have to fake it, but I need to stop dreading the simple things and start considering how fantastic it will feel to conquer my fears. Was I so upset that my coworker was forcing me to complete ten tests or was I afraid of how foolish I’d look in front of my observers? Can I really let something as silly as work defeat me when I know that I’ll be moving onto bigger and better things in a few months?

Give me: Your positive self feedback. What you tell yourself when you need a mood makeover. How will you make tomorrow a more glorious day for you, me, and everyone you encounter?

About Michelle

I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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