Pick up the pace!

A few months ago I began participating in speed training. Each Wednesday night I’d shuffle over to a track (or loop of trail) and be reminded that I’m slow. Now wait a second, before someone tells me that we all have our own appropriate speed, I’m well aware that whatever pace my body chooses is just right for me. But you have to understand the other people I’m running with. Running champions. They are a very welcoming group and I love striding next behind them each week, but they are a speedy bunch. (One of the guys can easily run a sub 16 minute 5k, quite impressive in my book)

I’ll admit, speed training has never been comfortable for me. My zaftig body wasn’t made to go quickly. Yet, for some reason, it keeps me coming back. This week I ran 10 x 200 meters. I feel like 200s are a fantastic distance to sprint, not long enough that I’m going to faint but not so short that I don’t get up to my optimal momentum. The other slow female (yes, she is okay with being called slow) was my rabbit. I shocked myself when I began to chase her down as she pulled ahead. We kept a fairly consistent pace and I was obviously dying tired after each iteration. It felt great to know that I could maintain a decent clip, looking forward to pushing myself again next week. Well, right now I’m looking forward to it. Ask me again next Wednesday evening how I’m feeling…

I chose to try out my Nike tempo shorts again, but this time sans underoos. It really was more comfortable overall. I don’t remember thinking about my thighs or the shorts riding at all. Very exciting. Now for the true test, I’ll have to take them on a run later this week.

Now for some advice, don’t wear your sweaty running gear to the supermarket. There is the slight chance your attractive coworker will be stopping in, and really, that isn’t a look he (or she) ever has to see on you. Oh well. After getting my ingredients, and enduring a half hour conference call with Japan, I tried my hand at cooking Indian food. My wonderful friend Mandy sent me some recipes from SparkPeople that she has recently perfected. It looked like curry, smelled like curry, but when it came to the taste, it just didn’t taste like a proper curry. Here’s the kicker, I made a full recipe so there are three more servings waiting for me in the fridge. Maybe I’ll get creative and add some other spices in before heating it up tomorrow.

Someone, anyone: Have you made Indian food before? What spices or additional veggies have you added to enhance the flavor?
And what about speed training or sprints? Is this something you add to your running regime?


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I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. When you come down to visit, I’ll make some for you, and we’ll see where the breakdown is. Keep in mind that these recipes are not made just like what you would get at an Indian restaurant, as they are made to cut back on fat, sugar, and salt content.


    • I think I figured out part of what I did wrong, instead of 1/4 onion I added a 1/2 onion (I really like onion so I didn’t think it would make a difference). I’m going to add some sweet corn today and see if that improves the flavor.

      But yes, you will have to make some for me! :)

  2. Same thing with Thai food…I can never get it right at home. Thai coconut soup is my fave, and I’ve even tried it will all the full-fat and full-sugar ingredients. It’s just not the same! :(

    • I recently discovered an amazing Indian restaurant in my neighborhood with the nicest owner ever. I may convince him to take me under his wing so I can learn how to prepare some simple dishes. Maybe you can do the same? :)

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