Chicken Soup for the Soul

Or in my case, more noodles than soup…  Being a Jewish princess woman, I’m supposed to be an amazing chef, right? I know that someday a man will want to buy this cow, so I really should work on my marketable skills.

Now I have one of the world’s greatest mothers (please don’t tell her I said that), but growing up she was never a phenomenal cook. When I ask her what she fed me growing up, she reminds me that every time she would ask, “What did you think?” My brother or I would reply something sweet, such as, “You never need to make that again…” These days she has no one but the pup and my father to feed, so she is slowly but surely learning. I hear she is getting quite good. I don’t feel it is fair that she waited so long to learn, I would have loved to enjoy that!

Anyway, I was planning on preparing a simple salsa chicken for dinner last night when I realized I was truly in the mood for noodle soup. (Ramen, my love, I had been dreaming of you.) But rather than ingest that artificial delicacy, I decided to brew my own soup. Throwing in the remaining vegetables from my refrigerator, I managed to concoct a wonderful base. And then I overloaded it with rice vermicelli. I had no idea how much to add and it seems I threw in too much. The soup was delicious by the way. However my leftovers may be 80% noodle, 15% vegetable, and 5% soup. Oh well, have to start somewhere.

Tell me: Who taught you how to cook? And what is the best meal you can conjure up?


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I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. My Dad is a great cook…I just never bothered to learn! Totally silly of me! I can make a few things though…pasta, tacos, etc…I can usually follow a recipe okay!

    • To be honest, growing up my father became the head chef. Nothing extravagant, but he kept us fed (when we didn’t eat Chinese take out). From him I know how to make spaghetti and meat sauce and cucumber salad like a pro.

      I’ve seen your recipes, I deeply considered making your pizza the other evening. I may give in sometime soon and try to recreate it (though I don’t think I can get the same pizza dough).

  2. My mom is a good cook but growing up she was always on the latest diet so our food always followed that trend – diet food from the 80s and 90s = YUCK!!
    My stepmom only cooked out of a box and my dad never cooked.

    Honestly, my husband taught me to cook …or actually, he gave me the confidence to attempt cooking. I also watched a TON of cooking shows. Now, I am quite creative and ambitious in the kitchen – my husband sort of hates it because I try putting veggies into everything!!

    I love food – so cooking is essential. I want to continue to eat good foods while I work on losing weight but I never want to food to be boring or gross. And, I really don’t want my daughter to have the same food issues I have!

    A long response, sorry!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • Can I mention how jealous I am that you found a wonderfully supportive man? Ideally I’ll find one (someday) and he will be a fantastic chef. I’m much better at the sous chef role (I’m great at chopping!).

      So what recipes do you and your family enjoy most? I’m always looking for something delicious and healthy (and somewhat easy) to make.

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