DWD Race Day Photos

A photographic recap of the days events.
Next time I do a fun run, I swear I’ll have a more creative costume. Race day involved a few dozen superheros (Wonder Woman was both male and female this year) and many other wonderful costumes. Of course the team that won didn’t dress up, but then again, if you can run an eight minute trail mile through those hills then you don’t need any frills.

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As for the race itself, I’m overjoyed I came out unscathed. My ankle is still swollen, but sporting my new calf sleeves really helped my legs survive. Thankfully the course was completely dry for the first few hours, little mud to be seen. Of course I was the only one running during the random 20 minute down pour, I just have to remind myself that it was refreshing…

Things I learned from this years Dances with Dirt:

  • I must learn to run hills and stairs
  • Don’t be afraid to run in the puddles when you are already soaked to the bone
  • Don’t run in jorts, they aren’t comfortable or flattering
  • There is always time to have a beer and sing with your thirty new best friends (maybe I already knew that?)

I wanna know: What costume would you sport on a fun run? And what is the greatest lesson you’ve learned from a race?

About Michelle

I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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