Dances with Dirt Preparations

This will be the second year I take on the 55 mile relay at Dances with Dirt.  Last year I was a proud member of RHINO (Running Hard in Near Ohio or Run Harder It’s Not Over, however you choose to look at it).  There were three fearless females and two manly men on my team, unfortunately two of us gals managed to get lost and injured along the way. This race was the first time I incurred an ankle injury, maybe I should have taken heed after that one…  (hindsight is 20/20, right?)  Just wait to see what precautions I take this year, I’ll be much better prepared!

As this race approaches, I look forward to all the ups, downs, and mud pits I will encounter along the path.  I was given the simple route last year, running the shortest and flattest of legs.  And this year, well this year I get the hillier portions.  My first leg, “The Plunge” involves climbing several hundred feet before plunging down a bit of a blue square and then a black diamond.  I love to ski on the harder hills, but running down it?  Now that will be a challenge!  To top it off, one of our team members just informed us that she will be unable to attend.  This means one (crazy) teammate will be running 21 miles and I will get four legs instead of three, yay?

I was reading through the Extreme Relay Information and these fantastic tidbits stuck out:

  • Course: Did we mention tough?
  • You must cheat when instructed to!
  • Team members must be human even if your dog follows trails better 
  • Exchange is made by having physical contact with the next runner in the exchange zone, while people are watching… Yikes!

Can’t wait to run with my fantastic team of ladies.  Did I mention our team name is the Columbus Hillbillies?  Oh yes, we will dress accordingly, prepare yourself for a fantastically embarrassing photo montage.

Your turn: What is the craziest race you’ve ever completed?  Or what is your dream muddy, hilly, intense race?


About Michelle

I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. My dream race in neither hilly nor intense, LOL! Can’t wait to see the photo montage!

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