The Running Short Debacle – Revisited

Recently I wrote about my aversion toward running shorts, but last night I took the plunge.  A few wonderful individuals helped push me in the right direction and suggested a multitude of apparel options.  I am now the apprehensive proud owner of a pair of Nike Tempo shorts (with pink trim, have to add some flair).

I wore the shorts for the first time this afternoon at my speed training session.  Dear goodness was it warm out, approximately 80 degrees with 60% humidity.  I was dying just standing still.  I must admit that it was lovely to not have the extra fabric hugging my body while I was shvitzing like a mad person.

So, the verdict: Will I wear these shorts again?  Most certainly, but this time without underoos (I didn’t think to take them off in the locker room at work).  They rode up, but it didn’t inhibit me as much as my mesh gym shorts ever did.  I didn’t feel the desire to pull them down every five seconds, which was a plus.  We’ll see how they work on a longer stint sometime in the future.

Katie suggested Brooks Gylcerin shorts and I have already ordered a pair, excited to try them out.   And a few others suggested Running Skirts, but this requires a lot of confidence since there are just briefs under the skirt.  One day…

In other news, I’ve been keeping up with P90X and starting to really enjoy it.  There are a few moves I can’t do properly (darn chaturanga!), but it is keeping me active. Sadly, my running has taken a toll due to this workout routine.  Hopefully my legs can hold up for Dances With Dirt this weekend.

Do tell: What attire keeps you sane in this heat?

About Michelle

I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. I am a BIG fan of nike tempos!! Glad you liked them, shorts are a MUST in the heat!

  2. Victoria Vartanian

    THey are fine for colder less humid and less sweaty conditions, as they always (no matter the size) restrict my movement and stick to me legs…I go for spandex instead, also Nike.

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