ViewSPORT Tank Top {Product Review}

I was recently introduced to ViewSPORT, a company that produces workout tops with sweat activated technology, and was intrigued by the idea.  Last week I purchased their army tank top and decided to take it out for a spin for my own little experiment.  Here is the image from the website (if only I could look that bad ass).  You’ll notice that before the workout the shirt reads “I am” and afterward it declares, “I am the competition.”  I was looking forward to seeing how well this shirt would perform during my own workout.

Fit and Material: I’m not a small girl, so I went with a Large (the largest size they offer). When I tried the shirt on for the first time, I noticed it was very tight around my chest, which is not difficult.  It fit well around my midsection and was tight again around my hips. The fabric is a very thin, light weight cotton.  The material would be great while exercising on a hot day, but due to my curvature, I found it would roll up whenever there was too much movement (this can be seen in the after photo).

Effectiveness:  Not long into my workout the shirt began to roll up toward my midsection.  This isn’t unusual for me as I have a small waist and larger hips, but I was hoping I could get it to lay properly for longer. As for my perspiration, I tend to shvitz on my upper chest and much less so below my chest. During the workout I mopped up whatever sweat I could find with the “active” area to try to see a change. After an hour long workout I had not amassed enough sweat to reveal the entire phrase. Unfortunately my camera is mediocre, so it does not display the few letters that were visible after my workout.  I tried throwing water onto the shirt to display the full phrase, this had better results (but isn’t that realistic).

The Verdict:  This shirt would be great to wear for a run on a hot day as it is light weight and has a flattering shape. Sadly the sizing was incorrect for my body, I’d need one size larger to fit more comfortably without riding up on my hips. As for the technology, it is quite creative but requires more sweat than I was able to produce in my hour long session. Next time I wear it I’ll make sure to do a more cardiovascular exercise for a longer duration, maybe then I can declare that “I am the competition”!

Note: I purchased the top as part of their mother’s day promotion.  Another promotion will be rolling out for father’s day, so if you want to check it out I’d suggest following ViewSPORT to get a great deal.

About Michelle

I'm an engineer living (and running) in Palo Alto, CA.

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  1. I always have that problem too, with my tank tops or tee shirts riding up during my workouts. It’s so annoying! Pretty creative technology though.

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